Better Borrowing

Better Borrowing
The ending of debit card and credit card fees and surcharges

From January 2018 you will not be charged fees for simply using your debit card or credit card to make payments. Great news, but what are the details?...

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Amanda Gillam 16th August, 2017
Can it ever make sense to have a Store Card?

Are store cards simply a form of credit card with extra benefits? Why have they been called the "devil's debt"? Is there ever a reason to use them?...

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Alex Hartley 9th August, 2017
Is it finally time to buy an electric car and join the party?

Electric cars are growing in popularity, ownership costs are falling and government is making the right noises. Is now the time to jump aboard and get one?...

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Alex Hartley 7th August, 2017
How to run your life without a credit card

If credit cards are getting you into financial trouble then there are plenty of ways of running your life without them. Here's our guide to how to do it....

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Amanda Gillam 26th July, 2017
A Clear and Honest Approach to Short-Term Lending

There are various short term credit options you could consider. We pride ourselves in providing clear and transparent help. Here's what we can do for you....

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Amanda Gillam 24th July, 2017
How to release equity to pay for home improvements

If you own your home and want to make further improvements to it then here's how to access its built-up equity to fund the work....

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Alex Hartley 14th July, 2017
High Street Banks more expensive than Payday Lenders!

It's emerged that unarranged overdrafts from your local high street bank could cost you 10x the daily cost of borrowing a payday loan!...

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Alex Hartley 20th May, 2017
TV soaps highlight the risks of using illegal money lenders

A bad credit history and rejections by lenders may make you want to borrow from a loan shark or illegal money lender. Don't! There are other options....

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Alex Hartley 12th May, 2017
Steady as she goes for the UK’s Secured Loans market

Growth in the UK's secured loans market is continuing. And there are no signs of any instability. Why might you want to consider a secured loan?...

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Oliver Jones 6th May, 2017
12 million Britons have a poor credit rating!

It's a trend that's worrying many observers and is reminiscent of the prelude to the 2008/9 financial crisis. Read on, and take care....

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Oliver Jones 30th April, 2017
Will self-drive cars ever become reality?

There's a lot of talk about driver-less or self-drive cars. The days of steering and changing gear are numbered. What will we do while we complete our trip?...

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Alex Hartley 26th April, 2017
How do people cope with no bank account?

Not having a bank account means living a cash-based lifestyle. This may be a conscious choice or may have been imposed. What are the real problems and costs?...

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Oliver Jones 22nd April, 2017


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