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Refund on your Mastercard?

You could be in for a refund £300 thanks to Mastercard!

Two years ago, a case against credit card firm...

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persistent credit card debt

Are you in “persistent credit card debt” like 6.3 million others in the UK?

It’s not that difficult to get into trouble where...

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consumer credit growth slowing

Consumer credit growth slowest for 3 years – what’s this telling us?

Something is happening in the UK economy right now....

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cashback credit cards

The current state of the UK’s cashback credit cards market

Cashback credit cards are designed to help you generate...

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debit and credit card charges

The ending of debit card and credit card fees and surcharges

Have you ever gone to pay by card and...

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choice of credit cards

Can it ever make sense to have a Store Card?

Store cards used to seem like a great idea....

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Need financial help from the benefits system?

How to run your life without a credit card

Credit is a part of life for many of...

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choice of credit cards

Are you using the wrong credit card?

Credit cards are one of those financial tools that...

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credit card shopping

Make your regular purchases on a “bad credit” credit card

A credit card is a privilege not a right....

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credit card abroad

Should I use my credit card abroad?

Until relatively recently, the majority of people who holidayed...

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