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Video & Infographics
Survey: Is University Worth It?

Is the estimated £50,000 cost of attending a UK university for 3 years really worth the cost? We survey 1000 graduates to find out their views on this....

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Amanda Gillam 25th March, 2019
Our “Money Matters” Spotify Playlist about Money & Wealth

Our "Money Matters" Spotify playlist as an #infographic - explore the lyrics & the odd, uneasy relationship between money, love and the way we run our lives...

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Amanda Gillam 7th September, 2017
Get your finances ready for Christmas and save money

Do you break into a cold sweat thinking about the festive season? Now is the time to get your finances ready for Christmas. Check out our useful tips...

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Oliver Jones 31st October, 2016
This is how much your commute really costs

Do you know how much your commute really costs? What's the cost on your time as well as your wallet. Check out our infographic for some surprising answers...

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Oliver Jones 13th October, 2016
Costs vs Benefits of a University education – An Infographic

The cost of a university degree is now over £50,000. Our infographic shows the real costs around the UK and highlights some of the non-financial benefits....

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Amanda Gillam 1st August, 2016
The 6 Most Popular Loans

Here's an infographic that shows the 6 most popular loans used by people in the UK today. To apply for any of them simply use our NO FEE broking service....

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Amanda Gillam 27th October, 2015
The 7 Reasons We Should Be Your Broker

Stop! Before you use another broker find out the 7 reasons why you should use Solution Loans instead. No. 1 - we don't charge any fees. No.2 - ......

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Amanda Gillam 23rd September, 2015
See our infographic for our range of loans

This infographic covers the main personal finance and credit options available to people aged 18 in the UK. Use our free broking service to apply for any of the...

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Oliver Jones 16th September, 2015
Sort your credit rating out with this guide

Watch as we explain how you can manage, maintain and improve what's held on your credit file....

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Amanda Gillam 13th August, 2015
Use our Video Guide to Homeowner Loans

Our explainer video tells you all you need to know about how Homeowner Loans work. All the pros and cons. This way you can judge whether it is likely to be the ...

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Amanda Gillam 5th August, 2015
Learn the Pros & Cons about Payday Loans

Watch our review of payday loans to get a better understanding of the pros & cons. If you decide you want to apply, then apply via our website....

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Amanda Gillam 20th July, 2015
Watch our guide to Guarantor Loans

Considering a guarantor loan? Then watch this short video guide that explains all you need to know. Then use our free enquiry service to get your loan. Simple....

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Amanda Gillam 7th July, 2015


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