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Video & Infographics
So, you think you have Bad Credit. What can you do?

When you have credit problems what you need is a plan of action. Our video helps to explain what you can do to a) obtain credit now, and b) improve your credit ...

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Amanda Gillam 25th February, 2015
Personal loans TV – watch how we could help you

Watch to see how Solution Loans could help you get the unsecured personal loan you are thinking about. Borrow up to £25,000 dependent on your credit history....

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Amanda Gillam 23rd February, 2015
Watch how a guarantor loan could be the answer to your needs

You can see for yourself just how a guarantor loan could help you. Find out the basic principles and why it makes sense to get one through Solution Loans. Borro...

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Amanda Gillam 12th February, 2015
For short term cash an instalment loan may be the answer

Solution Loans has produced a video to explain how instalment loans work. Watch it now to discover if these short term loans may be right for you....

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Amanda Gillam 10th February, 2015
Car Finance could help you get the new car you need.

Watch a 60 second video that explains how you might want to finance your next vehicle. You can keep costs down by running but owning it via a PCP or HP scheme. ...

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Amanda Gillam 7th February, 2015
Thinking of a Payday Loan? Consider an Instalment Loan instead.

An instalment loan is a great alternative to a payday loan. Spready your repayments over a longer time to help affordability....

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Amanda Gillam 28th January, 2015


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