Video & Infographics

Video & Infographics
Watch our guide to instalment loans

Find out all about how instalment loans work by watching our video guide. Discover the pros and cons and use our no fee service to find your loan....

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Amanda Gillam 29th June, 2015
Watch our Guide to Logbook Loans

You need to be aware of the pitfalls of logbook loans if you are considering one. In which case you should watch our new video guide now....

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Amanda Gillam 16th June, 2015
Doorstep Loans – the Video Explainer

It's always a good idea to make sure you understand how a loan works and doorstep loans are no different. Watch our helpful video for more information....

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Amanda Gillam 2nd June, 2015
Welcome Zuto – goodbye CarLoan4U

Zuto is the new name in car finance, but they aren't new. They are the fresh incarnation of CarLoan4U, a rebrand designed to instil excitement and dynamism. Rea...

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Amanda Gillam 27th May, 2015
Our new video explains Personal Loans

Want to know how Personal Loans work? Then watch our new video. We explain the pros and cons, and help you explore the impact of your credit history. Use our fr...

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Amanda Gillam 18th May, 2015
Video Guide: Manage your way out of debt

With personal debt now running at £10,000 per household in the UK it's time to take control. Watch our guide to learn what you can do to help yourself....

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Amanda Gillam 11th May, 2015
New Video explains the workings of Car Finance

Watch our video guide to get all the gen you need if you're thinking of using car finance to buy your next vehicle....

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Amanda Gillam 1st May, 2015
Watch how a logbook loan could help you

If you are considering a logbook loan then you ought to watch our explainer video first. Be aware that while you may not need to be credit checked you could be ...

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Amanda Gillam 27th April, 2015
Watch how doorstep loans could provide the cash you need

If you need a little cash to tide you over then a home credit loan, also called a doorstep loan, might help. This video explains doorstep loans. And visit our w...

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Amanda Gillam 4th April, 2015
Why you can trust Payday lenders now

DIscover why you can believe in payday loans once more. FCA regulations mean that lenders must treat their customers fairly - not charge too much, not lend if b...

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Amanda Gillam 23rd March, 2015
Solution Loans – Your Fee-Free Broker

With Solution Loans you can can find your loan without paying any up-front fees. And we're working with our lenders to remove all fees altogether! Use our cleve...

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Amanda Gillam 16th March, 2015
Want a homeowner loan? Watch this video first

Solution Loans has access to the widest choice of homeowner loans in the UK. This video explains how a homeowner loan works and how Solution Loans could help yo...

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Amanda Gillam 6th March, 2015


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