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implications of becoming bankrupt

The real life consequences of being made bankrupt

UK consumers are very familiar with debt. In just...

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just about managing

Debt Relief Orders: What they are & how to use one

Debt is a common part of life in the...

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persistent credit card debt

Are you in “persistent credit card debt” like 6.3 million others in the UK?

It’s not that difficult to get into trouble where...

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ITV Tonight programme

ITV’s Tonight programme looks into debt in Britain

At the end of August, ITV’s Tonight programme broadcast...

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The burden of student debt

The downsides to student debt

A large student debt is a cause for stress...

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debt collectors & bailiffs

What you need to know about Debt Collectors & Bailiffs

Being in a position where you have to deal...

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household debt

UK Household debt is worse than it’s ever been!

Household debt and consumer spending have frequently made the...

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unaffordable debt?

Why you should consider consolidating your unsecured debt

When you’re juggling multiple debts it can be difficult...

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burden of debt

7 Things about Debt you ought to know!

Debt is part of life in the UK. From...

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Debt problems

Household debt costs to surge over next five years

The next five years could be a tough time...

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