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Improved Secured Loans Table – Now Fully Filterable

Our new filters mean our secured loan product & lender table is more usable than ever before. Find your perfect loan from over 600 options.

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Amanda Gillam 29th January, 2024
How We’re Minimising Our Website’s Carbon Footprint

Website owners have a significant responsibility to minimise their environmental impact. Here's what we have done and what we have achieved.

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Amanda Gillam 15th March, 2023
What does ChatGPT know about Secured Loans?

We asked the "all-knowing" ChatGPT to write about the UK secured loans market, its products and its lenders and this is what it produced. Thoughts?

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Amanda Gillam 14th February, 2023
How to live a greener life to help reduce global warming

It's human activity that has caused global heating. We all need to make changes NOW to the way we run our lives to limit further heating.

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Amanda Gillam 2nd December, 2021
What to do When Interest Rates Start to Rise

UK interest rates have been astoundingly low since 2008. But given the recent rapid increase in inflation interest rates are likely to rise.

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Amanda Gillam 18th November, 2021
What are the implications of a cashless society?

Covid-19 has accelerated the UK's move towards a cashless society. The benefits seem clear, but some people will potentially suffer.

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Alex Hartley 3rd November, 2021
How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies, But How Safe Are They?

Is buying cryptocurrencies an investment or a gamble? If you are prepared to risk your money then how do you buy a cryptocurrency?

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Alex Hartley 18th October, 2021
What To Do About Soaring Energy Bills

Energy prices are soaring and they are unlikely ever to fall. We've written a lot about reducing energy consumption. Here's a summary for you.

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Amanda Gillam 8th October, 2021
How matched betting works and why it could be a good side hustle

Want to earn some tax-free, risk-free cash? Got some spare time? Then think about matched betting as means to earn £300 or more per month,

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Amanda Gillam 29th September, 2021
The Top Financial Scams of 2021 and How to Avoid Them

"A fool and their money are easily parted" is the old saying. Here's what to look out for & how to avoid scams that aim to steal your wealth.

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Alex Hartley 25th August, 2021
Why Provident is closing its doorstep loan business. What’s next?

After 140 years Provident is closing its doorstep loan business. This decision follows business mistakes it has made and compensation claims.

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Amanda Gillam 9th August, 2021
How consumer borrowing has changed in 2021

After a dreadful 2020 people are beginning to rediscover their mojo! Even with enforced saving consumers are borrowing more too. Here's an update.

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Alex Hartley 27th July, 2021
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