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Alex Hartley

Alex Hartley… …is a keen advocate of improving personal finance skills. She’s worked at Solution Loans since 2014 and written hundreds of articles about how people can manage their money better. Her interest in personal finance goes way back to 2003 when she left university in debt!

Her articles range from how to make money stretch further to finding the best ways to invest it to help it grow over time. If there is a subject you’d like her to write about then contact her through this website.

Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones… …has written for Solution Loans since 2016. His passion for personal finance comes through in the 200+ blog posts he’s written since that time. His talent for explaining all things money means he’s covered topics as diverse as registering to vote, credit unions and debt consolidation.

If you’ve got a question you want answered then maybe Oliver is the person for the job. Just contact him through this website and your question could be the subject of his next blog post!

Amanda Gillam

Amanda Gillam… …is Solution Loans’s General Manager and has been since 2009. She is also a prolific writer on personal finance issues, and has been quoted numerous times in articles published on 3rd party websites and in press releases. Her interest in the world of money, and more importantly how people manage it, goes right back to 2002.

She joined Solution Loans in 2005. She gets great satisfaction helping people to keep up to date with developments. If there is a subject you’d like her or her team to write about then contact her through the Solution Loans website.


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