Doorstep Loans

Doorstep Loans
Why Provident is closing its doorstep loan business. What’s next?

After 140 years Provident is closing its doorstep loan business. This decision follows business mistakes it has made and compensation claims....

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Amanda Gillam 9th August, 2021
Non Standard Finance makes a bid for rival Provident Financial

A tussle is underway between two of the largest home credit companies in the UK. A proposed takeover of a big fish by a minnow. Here's what you need to know...

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Alex Hartley 18th March, 2019
Why has Provident Personal Credit “Imploded”?

Provident, who offer home credit, have seen their share price plummet recently. We explain why and what's go to happen next....

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Amanda Gillam 23rd October, 2017
How do people cope with no bank account?

Not having a bank account means living a cash-based lifestyle. This may be a conscious choice or may have been imposed. What are the real problems and costs?...

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Oliver Jones 22nd April, 2017
Is High Street Rent-to-Own a sensible financial choice?

Rent-to-own or weekly payment stores are a way of buying the larger value household items you need. But there may be cheaper ways to do this using credit....

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Amanda Gillam 20th November, 2016
Do Rent to Buy retailers make financial sense?

Small weekly repayments make rent to buy sound cheap. But it is anything but that. But just how expensive can rent to buy make common household goods?...

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Amanda Gillam 14th October, 2016
Doorstep Loans – finance the old fashioned way

Perhaps you don't trust the banking system. Perhaps you don't have a bank account. Perhaps you don't have perfect credit? Well, a doorstep loan may suit you. He...

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Alex Hartley 14th April, 2016
Should you consider a doorstep loan?

Read our short guide to help you decide whether a doorstep loan is right for you. Borrow up to £1000 cash and repay in fixed weekly instalments....

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Amanda Gillam 10th August, 2015
Doorstep Loans – the Video Explainer

It's always a good idea to make sure you understand how a loan works and doorstep loans are no different. Watch our helpful video for more information....

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Amanda Gillam 2nd June, 2015
Watch how doorstep loans could provide the cash you need

If you need a little cash to tide you over then a home credit loan, also called a doorstep loan, might help. This video explains doorstep loans. And visit our w...

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Amanda Gillam 4th April, 2015
Weekly Wordle – Doorstep Loans

If you want to understand about so-called doorstep loans (more properly called home credit) then read our guide. We explain how they might help you obtain the s...

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Amanda Gillam 20th March, 2015
Listen! Could a doorstep loan help you with the cash you need?

A doorstep loan of up to £1000 may be available to you. Listen to our 60 second audio guide to how they work. There's also plenty of information at Solution-Lo...

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Amanda Gillam 19th February, 2015


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