Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans
Your rights if you’re being refused credit by companies

If you are being refused credit you're allowed by law to find out why, especially if your application was assessed automatically. Here's what to do....

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Alex Hartley 22nd October, 2018
Could my partner’s credit rating affect my ability to get credit?

We depend on our credit history and our credit score to get loans and credit in the future. But did you know that being financially linked to someone with a bad...

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Alex Hartley 9th May, 2018
Credit file vs credit score – what’s the difference?

Your credit file is your credit history stored at the major credit reference agencies. This file of data can be turned into a credit score to help lenders....

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Alex Hartley 29th January, 2018
How do Credit Reference Agencies work?

We all use credit all the time. Companies who provide this credit are in constant touch with the credit reference agencies. You ought to know how they work!...

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Amanda Gillam 26th January, 2018
What types of credit may still be available if you have a bad credit history?

A bad credit history does not necessarily mean that you can't get new credit. It may cost a little more, but there are various options you can consider....

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Amanda Gillam 22nd January, 2018
What causes someone to have a bad credit rating, and what can they do to fix it?

There are many reasons why your credit rating may have worsened over time. The implications are significant, so here's how to improve your credit rating....

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Alex Hartley 15th January, 2018
Why a bad credit rating could damage your personal relationships

So you've Tindered and found your perfect mate. But a few dates on and you realise they've got money troubles. Odds are it will damage your relationship soon....

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Amanda Gillam 20th November, 2017
Could a bad credit rating affect your employment?

Could your job application be rejected because of a bad credit rating? Could you lose your job because of credit issues? We take a look at the reality....

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Alex Hartley 3rd November, 2017
All about the Citizen’s Advice Service and how it can help you

The Citizen's Advice Service has 3500 locations around the UK, is FREE and resolves two thirds of problems it deals with! It's a service for you, so use it!...

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Amanda Gillam 9th October, 2017
12 million Britons have a poor credit rating!

It's a trend that's worrying many observers and is reminiscent of the prelude to the 2008/9 financial crisis. Read on, and take care....

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Oliver Jones 30th April, 2017
How to get credit – if you rent your home or have bad credit

If you have credit problems and don't own your home you may feel that there are limit credit options. But this isn't true. Here are some alternatives....

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Alex Hartley 20th April, 2017
What sort of Personal Loan would work for you?

Personal loans come in all sorts of flavours - sizes, loan periods, credit ratings. Here are some of things you need to consider. Apply today....

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Oliver Jones 7th December, 2016


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