Better Budgeting & Saving

Better Budgeting & Saving
The 50p is 50 years old. How have our costs changed?

On October 14th the 50p piece turned 50 years old. What could your 50p have bought in 1969? How have household costs changed in that time?...

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Alex Hartley 20th September, 2020
Balancing the Budget without Borrowing

If you are tempted to borrow to fund your spending think again. Maybe you could balance your budget without taking on extra debt. Here's how....

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Alex Hartley 5th January, 2020
How to get the best deals for back to school 2019

With back to school looming it's time to take advantage of the deals available online and on the high street. Here are the best back to school deals around....

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Amanda Gillam 28th August, 2019
Repairing rather than recycling – the rise of the Repair Cafe

Rather than binning broken things repair them. Can't do it yourself? Then use your local repair cafe. Join the march to sustainable living and save money!...

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Alex Hartley 21st August, 2019
2019’s Best Money Management Apps

It' easier than ever to manage your money and budgeting on the go with clever apps. Here are 7 of the best money management apps available today....

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Amanda Gillam 31st July, 2019
How going Green can save you money and save your planet

The race is on to stop further damage to our planet. Here's how to change your behaviour to help in the battle and at the same time save you big money....

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Alex Hartley 27th May, 2019
All you need to now about UK Council Tax

We all pay council tax. It's one of our larger bills but do you know what it pays for and if you're getting value for money? There are ways to reduce it....

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Alex Hartley 22nd April, 2019
How to live with an environmental conscience

Climate change is affecting us all. We should all contribute towards fixing it. But how? Here are some ways for you to live in a more environmentally friendly w...

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Alex Hartley 8th April, 2019
Most People don’t have an Emergency Fund!

Our survey shows that 10% of the UK population have no savings to cover an emergency. 60% of us have less than £1000! Here's how to seal with the problem....

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Amanda Gillam 7th January, 2019
Little lifestyle changes that will save you a lot of money

Small savings from many items will help savings mount up into a meaningful sum that helps you balance the books and stop you being tempted by a payday loan...

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Alex Hartley 15th October, 2018
Do budgeting and banking apps work?

Today's phone apps mean that it's virtually impossible to claim you can't know how and where you're spending your money. But which are the best, and why?...

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Alex Hartley 24th September, 2018
Off to Uni? Here’s how to keep your finances under control

In a couple of weeks you'll be off to university to live life to the full - but how do you keep your spending under control to ensure you don't get into debt?...

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Alex Hartley 17th September, 2018


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