Better Budgeting & Saving

Better Budgeting & Saving
Real Life – How to balance your household budgets when living on benefits

The UK's benefits system has seen a radical overhaul. Austerity means lower payments in real terms. So, how do you budget & survive on a benefits income?...

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Alex Hartley 12th July, 2018
Money management if you’ve lost your job

The UK's unemployment rate is at historic lows. But with few people having an emergency fund it's important to quickly react if you find yourself our of work. H...

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Alex Hartley 7th June, 2018
How to max out your savings in the New Year Sales

The big sales are just moments away. Some planning will mean you can get the best savings while managing to stay focused on just the things than matter....

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Amanda Gillam 22nd December, 2017
A plan to switch from being a two to a one person income household

You or your partner may decide to stop working. So how can you bridge the income gap and make sure you keep your spending within reasonable limits?...

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Amanda Gillam 18th December, 2017
How being nudged will help you manage your money better

We all have good intentions, but sometimes that's where it stops. But we can all be nudged to do better and that's what's happening to us all now!...

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Alex Hartley 8th November, 2017
How to stretch your budget at University

Here's how to enjoy University to the max while minimising the amount of student debt you leave with. And share your ideas with us for others to read....

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Amanda Gillam 11th September, 2017
Why £50,000 p.a. is no longer enough to live on

A recent survey by the Daily Mail reveals that even families on twice the national average income are struggling to make ends meet. Here's how to save money...

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Alex Hartley 4th July, 2017
How to live the Good Life in 2017

Fed up with the cost of supermarket food and vegetables? Then grow your own and live the Good Life. With a bit of effort you could save a fortune....

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Alex Hartley 10th June, 2017
What the ONS Family Spending Survey Reveals

The 2016 review by the Office for National Statistics of family expenditure is revealing. Is your family typical? Do you spend money in the same way?...

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Alex Hartley 2nd April, 2017
Borrow what you need – don’t buy it!

Why do we buy so many things? Especially when so much goes unused. Instead here are clever ways of borrowing everything you need - cars, clothes, tools, etc...

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Alex Hartley 29th March, 2017
Squirrel away your acorns to save £60,000 before you’re 40

If you budget wisely you can spend less than you earn. You should save the rest and benefit from the interest to start growing your wealth. Here's how....

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Oliver Jones 15th March, 2017
Fun ways to make saving easy

Most of us spend more than we earn. Most of us are not saving for our old age. To avoid a crisis we need to change our spending habits while there is time....

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Amanda Gillam 10th March, 2017


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