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Guide to Improving Your Credit Rating

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Credit Rating & Your Loan Acceptance

It’s estimated that around 10 million British adults have some form...

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implications of becoming bankrupt

The real life consequences of being made bankrupt

UK consumers are very familiar with debt. In just...

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just about managing

Debt Relief Orders: What they are & how to use one

Debt is a common part of life in the...

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Your credit file

Your rights if you’re being refused credit by companies

If you need to borrow money then getting the...

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debt collectors & bailiffs

What you need to know about Debt Collectors & Bailiffs

Being in a position where you have to deal...

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Inaccuracies at credit reference agencies

What to do if Credit Reference Agencies hold incorrect data about you

As we all know, the contents of your credit...

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living life off the grid

How to live your life off the grid – running away from your bad credit rating!

Living off the grid sounds like something Jason Bourne...

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your partner affect your credit rating

Could my partner’s credit rating affect my ability to get credit?

According to the credit ratings agency Experian, one in...

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repayment arrears

What happens if you get into loan repayment arrears?

A 2017 survey carried out by the Bank of...

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