What to do if Credit Reference Agencies hold incorrect data about you

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  1. I have been given the wrong information by British Gas to the credit regulator. I keep on disputing it but no one is helping out. It goes few years not that they keeping changing it as they want, one month I paid all year next month they showing up I haven’t paid any payments at all. And I keep on never missing a payment

  2. They also have an obligation to keep personal data up to date and correct according to the Data Protection act. Failure to do this can probably be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office too.

    • On my credit report there is an address belonging to someone else and it has a CCJ attached to it it is affecting my credit score I’ve tried to have this removed with no success I’ve been led up the garden path I’ve jumped through hoops to try and get this removed with no success can you please sub this out for me


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