credit reference agencies

credit reference agencies
How do credit agencies get their data about you?

Your ability to obtain all types of credit depends on the data that credit agencies have about you. But what do they have and where does it come from?...

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Alex Hartley 2nd November, 2020
What to do if Credit Reference Agencies hold incorrect data about you

Your ability to get credit depends on the data collected by the UK's 3 big credit reference agencies. So what can you do if their information is inaccurate?...

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Alex Hartley 29th June, 2018
How do Credit Reference Agencies work?

We all use credit all the time. Companies who provide this credit are in constant touch with the credit reference agencies. You ought to know how they work!...

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Amanda Gillam 26th January, 2018
Bad credit problems? Listen to what your loan options are

Millions of Britons have credit problems - so you are not alone. Listen to how you can go about improving your credit score and obtaining credit in the meantime...

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Amanda Gillam 9th February, 2015


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