Credit Brokers

Credit Brokers
How To Get A Great Secured Loan Deal

Secured loans aren't as well known as remortgages. Yet they are a great alternative. Here's how to get the best secured loan deals....

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Alex Hartley 1st June, 2021
The Success of the Illegal Money Lending Team

The Illegal Money Lending Team is an unsung success. They target loan sharks and help protect all of us from their illegal practices....

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Alex Hartley 16th November, 2020
Mortgage borrowers need more help to find better deals

It seems odd but you can't compare mortage deals as thoroughly as you can personal loans or car insurance. But the FCA want to change things to resolve this....

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Alex Hartley 10th July, 2019
Top tips for cutting the cost of your mortgage

There many, many ways to reduce your monthly payments and/or the total interest that you pay for your mortgage. We explain all the options open to you....

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Amanda Gillam 30th May, 2019
How pressure is being kept up on Loan Sharks

300,000 people in the UK are in debt to loan sharks. Goverment and Police are continuing to weed them out, but there are legal alternatives you should use....

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Alex Hartley 20th August, 2018
Why loan sharks just aren’t worth the risk

Once a loan shark has their teeth in you they won't let go. Find out how loan sharks cause misery. Discover why an authorised FCA broker is much safer....

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Alex Hartley 8th March, 2017
Can you borrow if you’ve still got student debt?

If you already have student debt then you may think you can't borrow more. But if you have a reasonable income there could be credit options for you....

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Alex Hartley 22nd August, 2016
The 7 Reasons We Should Be Your Broker

Stop! Before you use another broker find out the 7 reasons why you should use Solution Loans instead. No. 1 - we don't charge any fees. No.2 - ......

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Amanda Gillam 23rd September, 2015
Solution Loans – Your Fee-Free Broker

With Solution Loans you can can find your loan without paying any up-front fees. And we're working with our lenders to remove all fees altogether! Use our cleve...

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Amanda Gillam 16th March, 2015
Hear more about our fee-free broker service

Solution Loans has been offering it's broking service since 2005. Our fee-free service is also a risk-free service. Avoid the risk of upfront fee scams by comin...

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Amanda Gillam 11th February, 2015
Look – No Fees!

Solution Loans has never charged upfront fees for its broking service. Our improved "fee-free service" means that the deals you get are identical as going direc...

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Amanda Gillam 4th February, 2015


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