Car Finance

Car Finance
How to Choose the Best Car Finance

The majority of new or newish cars are bought on finance. But how do you work out if PCP, HP or contract hire is best for you? Here's how....

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Amanda Gillam 14th June, 2021
Is the PCP deal on your car ripping you off?

PCP is an incredibly popular way to get a new car. But issues are starting to emerge and some finance is actually ripping off customers....

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Alex Hartley 3rd August, 2020
Electric cars really are now cheaper than petrol & diesel to own and run!!

The take up of electric cars has been tempered by the fear of higher running costs. But recent analysis suggests that electric cars are now cheaper than others....

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Amanda Gillam 14th March, 2019
Is the buoyant UK Car Finance market sustainable, or is it a bubble about to burst?

People are spending £1bn per month on car finance payments. Sales of new cars are pretty buoyant, but is the UK car market going to implode due to debt levels?...

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Alex Hartley 10th September, 2018
Update on the FCA’s review of motor car finance deals

Car finance has doubled to 2.3 million users over the past decade. The FCA started a review of the market in 2017 to see if there were any issues to be addresse...

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Amanda Gillam 27th April, 2018
What type of cars should we buy, now and over the next decade?

Our love affair with petrol and diesel vehicles is about to change, whether we like it or not. Concerns about CO2 and NO2 emissions, and their effect on the pla...

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Amanda Gillam 4th April, 2018
Car Finance – the worry of extra charges

PCP car deals contain contract clauses that allow lenders to claw back additional costs if the "condition" of the car has not been maintained. Have you been stu...

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Alex Hartley 23rd February, 2018
An unpleasant surprise is awaiting people on PCP car finance deals!

With new car prices rising due to Brexit and environmental charges and used car prices falling your next PCP deal may not be as rewarding....

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Alex Hartley 19th January, 2018
Why car sharing may be better than car ownership

Why do you feel the need to own your car? The economics just don't make sense. There are a number of ways to have access to a car without owning it. Save £s...

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Alex Hartley 1st November, 2017
How to find a really good second hand used car

The quality of used second hand cars is better than ever due to new car finance schemes. But where should you look and what do need to be aware of?...

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Alex Hartley 25th October, 2017
How to buy a used car using car finance

Most news cars are bought using PCP deals. But did you know you can also use car finance for buying a second hand car? Are specialist brokers the best bet?...

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Amanda Gillam 18th October, 2017
How to protect yourself from being ripped off by car hire companies

Growing competition is driving down rental prices. At the same time there's growing dissatisfaction with car hire company behaviour. Unexpected charges, etc...

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Alex Hartley 11th October, 2017


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