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Top Tips
Tips to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency

On average we spend £1200 per year on energy. Much of it is wasted. Here's what you need to do to cut your bills and make your utility costs affordable....

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Amanda Gillam 7th February, 2019
Top 10 Money Tips for 2019

2019 is going to be a tough year for managing your money regardless of Brexit. Here are our top tips for getting things back under control....

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Alex Hartley 4th February, 2019
Top 14 tips for discussing money with your partner

To avoid relationship problems it's best to regularly discuss money issues. Here are our tips to help you navigate your way through this minefield....

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Amanda Gillam 13th August, 2018
The rise of the SIM-only phone contract

To keep monthly costs down people are quickly switching to sim-only contracts. Will you? By 2021 54% of the UK population will be sim-only....

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Amanda Gillam 23rd July, 2018
How to entertain the kids this summer on a limited budget

The great summer holidays loom. If money is short it could seem potentially very costly or way too long. Here are tips for entertaining the kids on a budget...

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Amanda Gillam 9th July, 2018
How much does a wedding cost and how can you pay for it?

The cost of weddings can get out of control. On average the total wedding bill could top £25,000 - the average annual UK salary. How can you cover the costs?...

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Alex Hartley 15th June, 2018
How to live your life off the grid – running away from your bad credit rating!

Leave behind consumerism and complex, expensive lifestyles. De-stress and join the move "off grid". Stick two fingers up at credit ratings for a new way....

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Amanda Gillam 13th June, 2018
How to find a new job if you lose one when in your 50s

Losing your job in your 50s can be very worrying. But these days there are many opportunities both in terms of types of jobs and the ways you can work....

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Amanda Gillam 8th June, 2018
How to get the best exchange rates when travelling abroad

To get the best exchange rates for your travel money you need to plan ahead a little and use the "right" type of prepaid card or credit card. And there are a nu...

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Alex Hartley 28th May, 2018
Cybersecurity for the home – what is best practice for staying safe?

Your home probably has at least 20 devices connected to the internet. Each of these is an opportunity for a criminal to access your personal data. Devices now h...

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Alex Hartley 23rd May, 2018
The top 10 pieces of money advice every young person should know

Schools don't teach money management - we all muddle through and work it our for ourselves. How better prepared would we be if someone had sat us down and guide...

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Amanda Gillam 7th May, 2018
The psychology of money in our pursuit of happiness

Pink Floyd said money is the root of all evil today. To be truly happy you need enough money and no more. Insufficient money has obvious consequences and pursui...

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Alex Hartley 20th April, 2018


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