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Top Tips
The Top 6 Music Festivals for 2017

Festival time is here, but if you haven't already booked your tickets then you'll need to know where to go. Here are our top 6 music festival choices....

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Alex Hartley 1st June, 2017
British business owners reveal their financial fears

We recently conducted an online study of 1,000 British entrepreneurs in the hopes of learning more about the financial struggles business owners face...

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Amanda Gillam 30th May, 2017
A guide to self storage in the UK

If your home is gradually filling to the brim with stuff then you could store it elsewhere. Here's our guide to the UK's self storage service....

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Alex Hartley 10th May, 2017
How to turn your dumb TV into a smart TV

Your TV can do so much more than it currently does. Plug in a small, low cost device and you'll have access to numerous web-based entertainment services....

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Alex Hartley 6th April, 2017
Top 10 personal finance tips I wish my parents had told me at 18

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so let's use it to give our kids the top financial tips they'll need. Here's what we think your older teenagers need to know...

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Alex Hartley 13th March, 2017
Why decluttering your life is good for you

Making your life simpler and more organised can improve how you feel and make you more effective. Here are our top tips for how to declutter your life....

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Alex Hartley 16th February, 2017
Save loads by using Voucher, Discount and Cashback websites

Shopping online? Then get the best deals possible by taking advantage of voucher, discount and cashback websites. Save £00s per year for little effort!...

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Alex Hartley 26th January, 2017
A buyer’s guide to gym membership

Gym membership sounds great, but be wary of joining fees & contract small print. Use our guide to see how to pump iron without having your wallet pumped for cas...

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Alex Hartley 18th January, 2017
The January 31 tax deadline and what it means for you

If you miss the next tax deadline the HMRC will penalise you. Here's our guide to the rules and how to avoid being one of the 900,000 people who were fined....

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Oliver Jones 16th January, 2017
The most common online scams to be aware of

As you spend more and more time online you raise your chances of becoming a scam victim. Here are the top 5 online scams to be aware of....

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Alex Hartley 14th January, 2017
The Great Property Renting Race – how to find and keep that great property

Renting your home can be fraught with difficulty. So here are our top tips to help you find your house and then manage your landlord relationship....

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Alex Hartley 6th January, 2017
Diet & Fitness tips for the New Year

Your can improve your health and fitness without spending much. So for the new year why not make use of our top tips to help you on you way....

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Alex Hartley 31st December, 2016


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