Author: Alex Hartley

Brexit #bregret

Brexit Update – June 2018 – Any #Bregret ?

The government’s EU Withdrawal Bill went through the House...

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switch energy suppliers

Switch away from the “Big 6” energy companies to save money

Energy price rises are not exactly news. However, for...

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overdraft costs and fees

How to cut the cost of your bank overdraft

How much does your bank overdraft cost you every...

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the cost of weddings

How much does a wedding cost and how can you pay for it?

In 2017, the average cost of a wedding was...

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living life off the grid

How to live your life off the grid – running away from your bad credit rating!

Living off the grid sounds like something Jason Bourne...

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unaffordable debt?

Why you should consider consolidating your unsecured debt

When you’re juggling multiple debts it can be difficult...

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job hunting in your 50s

How to find a new job if you lose one when in your 50s

It’s all too common that people in their 50s...

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money management plan

Money management if you’ve lost your job

There are currently around 1.42 million unemployed people in...

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rent to own washing machine

FCA clamps down on high street “Rent to Own” shops

High interest borrowing has been the subject of a...

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money laundering

How to avoid being duped into laundering criminals’ cash

Money laundering is something that we tend to associate...

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