How to avoid being ripped off by insurers

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  1. I’m sick and tired of the ever increasing insurance premiums,even though I’ve got maximum no claims I’m a professional hgv driver in the petroleum industry and have now reached my sixty’s with no incident my car is alarmed tracked and garaged yet my premiums are in the thousands it’s a rip off dead money with no benefits I’m sick and tied of this industry penalising me for there shortfalls and nobody seems to do absolutely anything about it because it is a legal requirement to have car insurance they feel they have the right to rape are bank accounts it’s no wonder people drive around without insurance it’s the insurance company’s that are putting us in jeopardy with there unaffordable premiums 😡😡😡

    • All true but why do they get away with it? These companies should be regulated and there should be financial penalties if found to be scamming motorists as this is exactly what they are doing. It borders on being criminal.


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