The pros and cons of multi car insurance

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  1. JUST GOT MY RENEWAL Admiral multi £300 more than my 5 minute search on comparison site for 2 cars & house insurance ,& lost a extra years NCB on one car because one was added in April instead of March 🙁

  2. Not as in-depth as I thought it would be, so much left out. One renewal date works fine, in fact, it’s a benefit when you consider monthly payment terms. Who wants to jump through all the insurance hoops 5 times per year?

    You mentioned problems with different drivers but you didn’t mention the problems with different vehicles. If we just left it at cars there are and can be many issues. Modified cars can be a problem, classic cars can throw up more and high-end luxury vehicles will have the insurer reeling.

    Another issue with multicar is the lack of other vehicles, although this is getting better, what if you have a motorcycle, a van or even a camper and you want to tie them into the same insurance? Forget it, it’s just not going to happen.

    • Thanks Stan for your helpful thoughts on this. It’s been a while since you commented and I was wondering if think things have improved at all?


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