Personal Loans

Personal Loans
The most frequent uses of a personal loan

Personal loans account for £37bn of new lending in the UK each year. An enormous amount of debt. But where does it get spent?...

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Amanda Gillam 17th July, 2019
Personal loan rates are still falling but be wary of teaser rates

Personal loan teaser interest rates continue to fall. But what you actually pay is probably not. Here's what to be wary of when getting your personal loan....

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Alex Hartley 20th May, 2019
Consumer credit growth slowest for 3 years – what’s this telling us?

The growth in consumer credit has slowed notably but what's driving it? Do the reasons predict some sort of significant problem ahead for the UK economy?...

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Amanda Gillam 20th September, 2018
Unsecured lending is down but so too are secured loan default rates

The UK economy is cooling off. Its growth is slowing and interest rates have slowly started to rise. Consumers are cautious and so are lenders. Approvals for un...

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Alex Hartley 17th May, 2018
How will Brexit affect personal loans and other family finances?

The journey to Brexit has started. In 2 years time the UK will be on its own. What this all means for your personal finances is the centre of a big debate....

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Alex Hartley 12th April, 2017
What sort of Personal Loan would work for you?

Personal loans come in all sorts of flavours - sizes, loan periods, credit ratings. Here are some of things you need to consider. Apply today....

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Oliver Jones 7th December, 2016
Quick safe ways to borrow over the short term

There are a number of alternatives if you are looking to get some credit relatively quickly....

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Oliver Jones 26th September, 2016
Cheap personal loans for unemployed people

Income from benefits or a pension could help you get credit. Payday Loans, Doorstep Loans, Guarantor Loans could be available to you. Find out more....

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Alex Hartley 17th July, 2016
What does peer-to-peer lending mean for you?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders are a matching service - matching savers with borrows directly. Both can benefit from better rates, but what are the risks?...

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Oliver Jones 10th July, 2016
Is 2016 the year of the personal loan?

2015 saw a dramatic growth in consumer borrowing and 2016 looks like it could go to record levels, subject to the impact of the Brexit decision....

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Oliver Jones 7th July, 2016
All about Personal Loans

Our guide to personal loans can help you judge whether they are the right sort of loan for you. If you think they are then use our free enquiry service for loan...

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Amanda Gillam 27th July, 2015
Consider 118118 Money for your medium term loan

118118 Money offer loans of up to £5000 for 1 to 2 years. Representative APR is tiered and as low as 35.9%. Compare to other unsecured loans now!...

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Amanda Gillam 8th June, 2015


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