Guarantor Loans

Guarantor Loans
Is the FCA about to clamp down on guarantor loans?

The UK guarantor loans market has grown considerably in recent years. Amigo is the biggest player. The FCA is taking a greater interest in these loans....

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Marcel Le Gouais 16th May, 2019
Amigo Loans, the guarantor loan lender, floats on the Stock Market

The simple idea of helping people with credit problems to borrow has recently made its founder a billionaire! Here's all you need to know about Amigo Loans....

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Amanda Gillam 30th August, 2018
George Banco is acquired by Non-Standard Finance PLC

Solution Loans has been working with George Banco as a guarantor loans lender for many years. At the end of 2017 they were acquired by Non Standard Finance PLC ...

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Amanda Gillam 21st February, 2018
What are your responsibilities as a guarantor for a loan?

Being a guarantor will help the borrower get the loan they need but you must not enter into such an agreement without knowing your responsibilities....

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Alex Hartley 24th January, 2018
Who can be my guarantor for a loan?

Choose your guarantor with care. You need to trust each other & you need to be able to please the lender with your choice of guarantor. Here's how to do it....

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Amanda Gillam 17th January, 2018
Been asked to be a Guarantor? Here’s what you need to know.

If you've asked by someone to be their guarantor then there are a few things you need to be aware of BEFORE you sign the loan agreement....

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Oliver Jones 20th January, 2017
The Definitive Guide to Guarantor Loans

Here's our definitive guide to guarantor loans - one of the fastest growing types of loan. Find out why and discover if one would suit you....

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Amanda Gillam 3rd January, 2017
How Guarantor Loans have changed and why you could consider one

Guarantor loans have come a long way in 10+ years. Solution Loans has been there all the way. Benefit from our experience, broad panel of lenders & no fees....

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Amanda Gillam 9th October, 2016
Watch our guide to Guarantor Loans

Considering a guarantor loan? Then watch this short video guide that explains all you need to know. Then use our free enquiry service to get your loan. Simple....

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Amanda Gillam 7th July, 2015
New guide to Guarantor Loans

Our guide will help you understand how guarantor loans work and why you might want to consider one. And if you choose to apply for one Solution Loans does NOT c...

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Amanda Gillam 7th May, 2015
Weekly Wordle – Guarantor Loans

Our guarantor loans broking service means that you could be able to find the unsecured credit you need. Our lenders offer loans in the range of £500 to £12,00...

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Amanda Gillam 7th April, 2015
Listen to how a Guarantor Loan could help you

Our audio guide explains how an unsecured loan of up to £12,000 may be available to you even if you have had credit problems in the past. Listen now!...

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Amanda Gillam 4th March, 2015


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