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Using too much energy at home?

Are you paying too much for your home energy?

Loyalty is something that most of us prize in...

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environmentally friendly lifestyle

How to live with an environmental conscience

A decade ago, a greener lifestyle was a pipe-dream...

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improve home's energy efficiency

Tips to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is something that has the potential to...

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switch energy suppliers

Switch away from the “Big 6” energy companies to save money

Energy price rises are not exactly news. However, for...

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energy price cap

How will the proposed energy price cap work?

Energy prices are a touchy subject for many of...

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central heating radiator thermostat

Central Heating is going on – our tips for home energy efficiency

Maybe you’re a summer person; maybe you really dislike...

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Move from dumb to smart energy meters

How is the move to smart energy meters going to help you?

Energy efficiency presents a big challenge, for the UK...

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cut your utility bills

Cutting the cost of your utility bills the smart way

Utilities can make quite a hole in your monthly...

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winter fuel costs

How to get help with your winter fuel costs

Winter is almost here and with it the likelihood...

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energy saving light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs and your wallet

You may have noticed… you cannot buy traditional light...

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