We’re proud to be able to say that we’ve never charged up-front fees for our broking service. Many other brokers do and it is completely unnecessary. Now we can go one better and say that in many circumstances you won’t have to pay a fee even if you actually take out the loan. So no fees to apply and no fees when you take the loan!


Our Fee-Free Broking Service

We’re moving to a model where the income we earn is 100% paid for by the lender as a cost of doing business rather than being added in any way to the borrower’s loan. We don’t think this is ethical.

In many of our areas of business, particularly guarantor loans, instalment & payday loans, doorstep loans, car finance and logbook loans nothing will be added to your loan amount and anything we earn will be paid to us by the lender. What this means for you is that by using our service you’ll get the same deals as going direct BUT you’ll often have a greater choice of lenders. Don’t know where to start? Then use our Quick Start tool.

You can find out more about how we earn an income. In the meantime enjoy our (largely) free-free broking service. We’ll continue to work to remove fees across the board.