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What is a Credit Broker?

We provide a free enquiry service that enables you to choose the credit product you consider best fits your needs. Our technology means you can do this quickly and efficiently. We’ve built our website from the ground up to ensure you can find what you need easily. We’re one of the UK’s most experienced online brokers having operated since 2005.


You can trust us:

Our Credit Broking:

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You should use Solution Loans

Since 2005 we’ve helped thousands of people in the UK find the loans, credit and finance they need to allow them to get on with their lives. This video explains why you should let us help you too (more):

How to Use a Credit Broker

We’ve designed our website to make it easy to find the loan, credit or finance you need. We’ve also provided lots of information to help you make the best choice (although if you don’t understand something then you may wish to seek a qualified financial adviser). Our secure enquiry forms mean you can apply safely.

Identify your options

1: Identify Your Options

If you don't already know what type of loan or credit is right then use our 'Find a Loan' tool to help you create a shortlist of options.

Understand your options

2: Understand Your Options

You may be familiar with some of the options suggested, but maybe not others. We have Money Guides to help you out.

Apply for your loan

3: Apply for Your Loan

Once you're sure what loan would suit you then it's time to apply using one of our secure enquiry forms.

Get on with your life

4: Get on with Your Life

Once approved you'll receive your loan from the lender and then you can get on with your life.

Personal Loan Broker

The personal loans market can be difficult to navigate but working with a great broker can make your experience faster and more rewarding. Solutions Loans has the experience, service and insight to help you find the right kind of finance for you, whether your deal-breakers are speed, cost or flexibility.

Regardless of your credit rating, the amount you want to borrow or the length of time you want to borrow it for we’re confident that we’ll have something for you to consider. We work with a broad panel of UK lenders so there’s no need to go trudging from one to the next. With one enquiry through our system, you’ll quickly discover which lenders would like to work with you.

Secured Loan Broker

Secured Loan lenders only work through reputable brokers like us – you cannot go direct to a secured loan lender. At any point in time we have access to between 15 and 20 secured loan lenders so there’s always plenty of choices.

Secured loans (otherwise known as second charge mortgages or homeowner loans) are only available to homeowners who already have a mortgage. Secured loans can be good alternative to a remortgage for accessing the equity that has built up as your home’s value has increased.

Car Finance Broker

Over 90% of car purchases in the UK are financed with people spreading the cost over the period they use the vehicle. That’s over 2 million vehicles per annum. You may also wish to consider if car finance is right for you. We’ve partnered with the UK’s largest online broker, Car Finance 247, to provide it.

The Solution Loans Way

What are the features that make Solution Loans stand out from other credit brokers?


No Enquiry Fees – Same Deals as Going Direct

It’ll cost you nothing to take advantage of our service. We earn an income from providing this service, but the cost is born by our lenders and partners, not by you! (about our service)

You’ll get the same deals as if you went direct – and you’ll get more choice!


Wide range of Products & Lenders

Compare and contrast plenty of alternatives types of credit and using the information we provide you can decide which suits you best. More often than not we work with multiple lenders for a given type of loan. In some instances though we have just a single partner. In these circumstances it is made clear that this is the case, either on the enquiry form or the page in question.


Lots of Information

We provide a range of information about the various products we have access to. Each product has it’s own “zone” on the website and a headline page. Beneath this are supplementary pages including a FAQ section. In addition to this, we’ve prepared a variety of product guides, and a range of supporting videos.


Great Tools

To help you narrow down the options we’ve developed some clever tools for you to use:

  • Find Loan – answer 4 quick questions to help you discover your loan options
  • Calculator – for some of the products we have you can estimate loan repayment costs to help you judge if the repayments are affordable.
  • Search facility – accessed from the top right of every page is a comprehensive search tool. It provides intelligent results from right across our website including the blog.


Instant Lender Feedback

With the majority of our lenders and partners, we can take your enquiry via our forms and within 30-60 seconds provide a live response for you to act on. Where this is not possible we have links to our chosen partner websites for you to apply through. In all cases your enquiries will be handled in a secure manner.


Continuous Improvement

Lenders change. Products change. Technology changes. Because of this, we strive to continuously upgrade our website so that we can improve our service to you. The job is never completed!



The world is full of people trying to take advantage of you – the conmen & the scammers – and the offers that seem too good to be true. You need to work with a broker you can trust. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We aim to be fully compliant and to put the customer first. Our Treating Customers Fairly charter should also reassure you.

There are many loan scams out there and we’ve written about how you can avoid them.

Please keep in mind that we only operate online and we do not run any call centres. We do not make outbound calls, so you will never receive a call from us.

Instead, use our secure enquiry forms and that way you will know that your enquiry is only going to lenders and partners who we trust too.


Our Money & Credit Guides

If you’re uncertain which type of credit might suit you or you have a money problem then one of our guides may help you. We summarise each type of loan and their pros and cons and address issues regarding debt and credit ratings.

Got a Question about Credit Broking?

Answers to Common Questions

What is a credit broker?

In its simplest form, a credit broker offers a service to link a consumer who would like some credit to a lender who would like to provide it. The broker may in fact have relationships with multiple lenders and therefore be able to help the applicant find the best deal from a range of options. When the applicant uses a broker they are using the broker’s knowledge and skills to simultaneously find an optimum deal and find it more quickly than shopping around themselves. These days there is no need to pay a broker upfront for their service, and in fact the broker is normally paid a commission by the lender.

What does a credit broker do?

The job of a credit broker is to find a form of credit or finance that best meets the needs of the borrower. In our case we operate a website that covers a wide range of alternatives from which the borrower can choose. To help them our website includes:

It is then a case of the borrower making a choice and making their application.

What is the difference between a broker and a lender?

A broker provides a service that matches a borrower to a lender. The lender has the credit that the borrower hopes will be lent to them. The broker will have business relationships with multiple lenders and will help the applicant identify the right form of credit or finance for their needs.

Do brokers do credit checks?

Some brokers will conduct credit checks before passing an enquiry to a lender. Others, like us, do not. It is important to note that a “soft search” form of credit check will not impact a borrower’s credit score. Before applying for credit it is important to find out if the broker or lender you are applying to you will do a soft or hard credit search.

How is credit broking regulated in the UK?

In the UK credit broking to consumers is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Before a firm can provide credit broking services to consumers it must become authorised to do so by the FCA. Once authorised it must abide by strict rules laid down by the FCA as well as the Consumer Credit Act.

What is a FCA-regulated credit broker?

To legally provide credit broking services to UK consumers the firm must be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). When you use the services of such a firm you can be sure that they have a suitable business model, are fun by “fit and proper” people and will treat customers fairly as required by regulations and the Consumer Credit Act.

If you choose to borrow from an unregulated source then you are in the realm of loan sharks. Such credit providers are operating illegally but you will have little immediate protection.

Which is the best car finance credit broker?

We work with the UK’s two largest online car finance companies – CarFinance 247 and Zuto. They are both brokers working with a broad panel of lenders allowing them to cater for a wide range of credit rating profiles. The primary forms of car finance available via these routes are PCP and HP.

Are there brokers that specialise in bad credit ratings?

There are brokers who specialise in bad credit ratings but it is more common for a broker to cover all credit ratings. This is how Solution Loans does it. We have a wide range of credit products many of which could suit someone with a bad credit rating.


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For over a decade Solution Loans has helped people all over the UK find solutions to their personal finance problems.



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Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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