Treating Customers Fairly

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Our Charter

It is important when seeking credit that you have a good source of information to hand to help you make the right choice. Making the right choice will make a real difference to achieving your goals. You might want to borrow money to replace your car, make home improvements or cover a short term gap in your household budget. There is a lot to consider. So we have tried to build our website to help you in this journey.

No Fees

You can use our broking service safe in the knowledge that we do not charge any fees for the information we provide or for the broking service we operate. We’ve managed to do this because we are an online-only business. We don’t operate expensive call centres and we aim to minimise non value-adding costs wherever possible. This makes our “no fee” model sustainable. How we earn income is explained elsewhere.

Provision of Information

We don’t provide advice, but instead aim to empower the visitor to make the choice that they believe best suits their needs and personal circumstances. We have done this by:

  • wherever possible exploring the pros and cons of product types
  • comparing lenders within certain product sectors
  • providing information in an easily digestible form
  • structuring the website to make the information as easily accessible as possible
  • providing tools to help the user narrow down options and understand costs more readily


We cover our broking service in more depth here. When using our broking service we aim to make the cost of products as readily transparent as we can. When offering alternatives we do not organise results on the basis of how much we might earn but rather on one or more of:

  • the representative APR% cost of the product
  • the chance that the lender will be able to provide the credit you seek.

On occasions we may not be able to provide any lenders. In these instances we will ask other trusted brokers to help. These brokers don’t charge fees either.

In all cases you are never obliged to take out any credit offered to you.


Since we launched our service in 2004 we have sought to provide the right information to visitors to help them find the right credit solution. We believe our current website is better able than ever to provide that service. But we never rest on our laurels and we are constantly seeking ways to improve how we can serve our customers better.

View our full Treating Customers Fairly policy.

Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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