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Credit History & Credit Future

Credit History & Credit Future
How to live your life off the grid – running away from your bad credit rating!

Leave behind consumerism and complex, expensive lifestyles. De-stress and join the move "off grid". Stick two fingers up at credit ratings for a new way....

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Amanda Gillam 13th June, 2018
Could my partner’s credit rating affect my ability to get credit?

We depend on our credit history and our credit score to get loans and credit in the future. But did you know that being financially linked to someone with a bad...

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Alex Hartley 9th May, 2018
What happens if you get into loan repayment arrears?

Lenders will always assess loan affordability before allowing someone credit. However, life takes turns and sometimes what was affordable becomes unaffordable. ...

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Alex Hartley 16th April, 2018
How lenders judge loan repayment affordability and why this is important to you

Did you know that "loan affordability" is now a critical test when you apply for credit? It's just as important as your credit score. You have to pass both test...

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Alex Hartley 11th April, 2018
How to access your credit report

With your credit file being your passport to all forms of credit in the future it makes great sense to know what's in it. Want to know how to get the informatio...

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Amanda Gillam 7th March, 2018
Credit file vs credit score – what’s the difference?

Your credit file is your credit history stored at the major credit reference agencies. This file of data can be turned into a credit score to help lenders....

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Alex Hartley 29th January, 2018
How do Credit Reference Agencies work?

We all use credit all the time. Companies who provide this credit are in constant touch with the credit reference agencies. You ought to know how they work!...

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Amanda Gillam 26th January, 2018
Top 10 tips to protect yourself from identity theft

Here are the facts you need to help keep you safe from identity theft and fraud. Don't leave anything to chance....

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Alex Hartley 24th July, 2017
Why registering to vote makes both political and financial sense

Being casual about registering to vote not only means you can't influence political debate but could mean you can't get credit on decent terms! Here's why....

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Oliver Jones 7th July, 2017
What’s the difference between a soft and hard credit search?

To minimise the impact on your credit score try to avoid hard credit checks. Their imprint reduces your credit rating. Stick to soft searches where you can....

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Oliver Jones 16th May, 2017
Make your regular purchases on a “bad credit” credit card

Credit cards are often criticised but they provide you with protection from failing suppliers and can help you rebuild your credit. But use them sensibly....

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Oliver Jones 14th September, 2016
10 things to look out for on your credit file

To maximise your chance of getting credit here are the top 10 things in your credit file you need to check and make sure are correct....

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Oliver Jones 26th July, 2016


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