With guarantor loans gaining popularity in the UK we’ve put together a video guide to how they work. If you’re looking for a personal loan but your credit history is getting you nowhere then you might want to consider if a guarantor loan is right for you instead. These are unsecured loans but rather than rely on your credit score lenders use a guarantor you provide to give them the confidence to lend. If you have a guarantor lined up when you apply then it is still perfectly possible to get your loan paid out quickly. So, you need to find out more about how these loans work and how to find a suitable guarantor. Our video guide will help you decide if one of these loans is right for you.

With Solution Loans you get a free-to-use broking service giving you access to numerous guarantor lenders through one enquiry form. Using our technology we’ll give you multiple loan options from lenders who have already accepted your enquiry, plus the ability to directly complete your enquiry on your chosen lender’s website. And you’ll get the same great deals as going direct – except you’ll have a choice of lenders!