how much your commute really costs
Pic: Commuting by Martin Todd ([email protected]/)

Do you know how much your daily commute really costs you?

Sure, paying for that season ticket might cost you several hundred pounds a month or thousands a year but how much does your commute really cost? What about the other ways that you pay? How much time will you spend over the course of a working life sitting on a train or steaming in a traffic jam?

What about the amount of time commuting keeps you away from your family? And when you’ve been shuttling backwards and forwards to work over the course of your career, how many miles will you have travelled?

The most cost-effective commute?

What about the total cost in financial terms? Some of the figures are eye watering and could easily buy you a house, several nice cars or all the holidays that you could ever want. Something to think about while you’re waiting for that delayed train on a drizzly winter morning, perhaps?

And if you’ve got a choice of how you get to work, what’s the most cost effective. How does driving compare with taking the train? Or what about the bus? Isn’t that cheaper?

Our infographic explains all:

How much your commute is really costing you

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