In a recent blog post we explored how popular music seems to talk more about our personal relationships than about our relationship with money. And this is the case even though we probably spend an equal amount of time worrying about each of them – we want to be happy in our choice of partner, and we want to feel happy that we have no money worries. And of course relationships and money are linked – as the saying goes:

Love flies out of the window when money flies out of the door.


Thankfully writers have spent much, much more time writing songs about love rather than personal finance! But we thought it would be interesting to make a playlist of songs where money and wealth have played a central role. Here you can find the Spotify playlist but we’ve also turned it into an infographic. We hope you enjoy the music – there’s a much greater variety than you might think. And if we’ve missed any songs about money that you think we should consider including in the playlist then tell us via the comments section below. And please share this infographic or embed it in your own website.

Top Songs about Money & Wealth

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