34 Top Songs about Money, Aspiration, Wealth and Debt!

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  1. Found another cracker – “Cash and Prizes” by Del Amitri. Just adding it to the Spotify playlist. It’s all about success but how ephemeral that is when what really matters are the people around you and how you view yourself:

    I’ve got cash and prizes more than a man could dream
    I’ve got a hundred houses, some that I’ve never seen
    I’ve got walls of paintings high as the Hoover Dam
    I’ve got cash and prizes but I don’t know who I am

  2. A great playlist Amanda – I think that’s going to become one of my fav Spotify lists. I’d never thought about having a playlist themed around money so well done for your hard work putting this together for all of us.

    For the “record” my Top 5 in the Money Matters Playlist would be:

    1. Ain’t nothing going on but the rent – Gwen Guthrie
    2. Money – Pink Floyd
    3. Taxman – The Beatles
    4. Money, Money, Money – Abba
    5. Money Power Glory – Lana Del Rey

    • Thanks for the feedback Anna, and thanks for your top 5 – if you come up with any more ideas about new tracks for the money playlist then let me know!


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