Our “Money Matters” Spotify Playlist about Money & Wealth

Our "Money Matters" Spotify playlist as an #infographic - explore the lyrics & the odd, uneasy relationship between money, love and the way we run our lives...

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Amanda Gillam 7th September, 2017
34 Top Songs about Money, Aspiration, Wealth and Debt!

Here's our playlist of the best songs written about wanting money, spending money and what it can do to someone. Your favourite not here? Then tell us now....

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Amanda Gillam 8th August, 2017
The Top 6 Music Festivals for 2017

Festival time is here, but if you haven't already booked your tickets then you'll need to know where to go. Here are our top 6 music festival choices....

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Alex Hartley 1st June, 2017


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