Better Borrowing

Better Borrowing
Your rights if you’re being refused credit by companies

If you are being refused credit you're allowed by law to find out why, especially if your application was assessed automatically. Here's what to do....

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Alex Hartley 22nd October, 2018
Are you in “persistent credit card debt” like 6.3 million others in the UK?

If you have credit card debt and are making only the minimum monthly payment then you should welcome the rule changes the FCA is bringing in to help you....

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Amanda Gillam 18th October, 2018
Wonga’s demise – an update on developments

Who should take over Wonga's debt book when it finally closes? There are those who fear it could be exploited which is why the C of E could get involved....

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Amanda Gillam 27th September, 2018
Consumer credit growth slowest for 3 years – what’s this telling us?

The growth in consumer credit has slowed notably but what's driving it? Do the reasons predict some sort of significant problem ahead for the UK economy?...

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Amanda Gillam 20th September, 2018
What can you do now that Wonga has gone bust?

Wonga has been driven into administration. If you're an existing borrower you still have to pay your debt, but what about if you need a new short term loan?...

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Amanda Gillam 13th September, 2018
Is the buoyant UK Car Finance market sustainable, or is it a bubble about to burst?

People are spending £1bn per month on car finance payments. Sales of new cars are pretty buoyant, but is the UK car market going to implode due to debt levels?...

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Alex Hartley 10th September, 2018
Amigo Loans, the guarantor loan lender, floats on the Stock Market

The simple idea of helping people with credit problems to borrow has recently made its founder a billionaire! Here's all you need to know about Amigo Loans....

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Amanda Gillam 30th August, 2018
How pressure is being kept up on Loan Sharks

300,000 people in the UK are in debt to loan sharks. Goverment and Police are continuing to weed them out, but there are legal alternatives you should use....

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Alex Hartley 20th August, 2018
The current state of the UK’s cashback credit cards market

It's tempting to automatically opt for a cashback credit card - why wouldn't you use a card which immediately gives you cash back when you spend? Well, there ar...

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Amanda Gillam 30th May, 2018
Unsecured lending is down but so too are secured loan default rates

The UK economy is cooling off. Its growth is slowing and interest rates have slowly started to rise. Consumers are cautious and so are lenders. Approvals for un...

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Alex Hartley 17th May, 2018
Could my partner’s credit rating affect my ability to get credit?

We depend on our credit history and our credit score to get loans and credit in the future. But did you know that being financially linked to someone with a bad...

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Alex Hartley 9th May, 2018
Act now! The era of the very low mortgage rate is coming to an end

Those in debt have enjoyed the lowest ever interest rates for the last decade. We've become attuned to living and budgeting based on these low rates and in part...

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Alex Hartley 4th May, 2018


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