Better Borrowing

Better Borrowing
Guarantor Loans: Loans with Flexibility

Consider a guarantor loan if you need a way of borrowing that does not require a perfect credit history....

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Amanda Gillam 18th November, 2014
The Top 5 Reasons to Love Guarantor Loans

Because guarantor loans are open to borrowers with a poor credit rating, there is every chance that if you can find someone to back your application, the applic...

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Amanda Gillam 12th November, 2014
Payday Loan charges to be reduced by FCA action

The FCA has set limits of the costs lenders can charge for payday loans. It is likely to radically change the industry but will mean some people will be locked ...

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Amanda Gillam 11th November, 2014
5 Financial mistakes that you don’t know you’re making

If you want to keep on top of your personal finances then you need to make sure you don't make these 5 common mistakes...

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Amanda Gillam 6th November, 2014
3 signs your credit rating is taking a hit

It's important to protect your credit rating. But do you know if you are doing things that might be adversely affecting it?...

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Amanda Gillam 3rd November, 2014
Can Guarantor Loans affect the Credit Rating of the Guarantor?

If you have been asked to stand as someone's loan guarantor then you need to know how this could affect your credit rating....

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Amanda Gillam 14th October, 2014
Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans just grew to 7500

Need a guarantor loan? Don't worry if your guarantor doesn't own their home. We have non homeowner guarantor loans of £1000 to £7500. Apply Now....

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Amanda Gillam 9th October, 2014
Can you get Non-Homeowner Guarantor Loans

If you require guarantor loans of up to approximately £7500, you may be able to secure a loan with a guarantor who is not a homeowner....

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Amanda Gillam 6th October, 2014
Join our new loan affiliate network – MaximumReturn

Earn 7% commission on loans paid out - on a £5000 that's £350. Join the loan affiliate network and start earning today....

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Amanda Gillam 29th September, 2014


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