Better Borrowing

Better Borrowing
How to get credit – if you rent your home or have bad credit

If you have credit problems and don't own your home you may feel that there are limit credit options. But this isn't true. Here are some alternatives....

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Alex Hartley 20th April, 2017
The Bank of Mum & Dad – the UK’s 10th largest mortgage company!

The bank of mum and dad lent £5bn to their children last year so they could get on the housing ladder. But this is unlikely to be sustainable....

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Oliver Jones 16th April, 2017
How will Brexit affect personal loans and other family finances?

The journey to Brexit has started. In 2 years time the UK will be on its own. What this all means for your personal finances is the centre of a big debate....

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Alex Hartley 12th April, 2017
A guide to Secured Loans and how they work

On the back of growing house prices people are using secured homeowner loans to access the value in their property. Here are the pros and cons of doing it....

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Oliver Jones 31st March, 2017
Crunch – Are Car Loans the next subprime crisis?

An explosion of credit for new cars threatens to repeat the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008. Is borrowing on bad credit for a depreciating asset sensible?...

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Oliver Jones 27th March, 2017
Why loan sharks just aren’t worth the risk

Once a loan shark has their teeth in you they won't let go. Find out how loan sharks cause misery. Discover why an authorised FCA broker is much safer....

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Alex Hartley 8th March, 2017
Why are Credit Unions in decline?

Held up as the solution to low cost short term credit credit unions are in fact in decline. But how can this be given their strong community standing?...

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Oliver Jones 28th February, 2017
The new online ways to buy or sell your cars

Buy and sell your cars using the latest online services such as CarWow, Tootle and Wizzle. Get lower purchase prices and higher sale prices....

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Alex Hartley 20th February, 2017
Why are debt consolidation loans so popular?

Consolidating your credit cards, loans and other debt into a single new loan can be an effective way to reduce your monthly payments and total interest paid...

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Oliver Jones 14th February, 2017
Why people will always need short term loans

Not having savings or access to cash might mean you need to borrow a short term loan if you have an emergency. Here's our view on things....

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Amanda Gillam 6th February, 2017
The best way to buy and finance a car in 2017

If you are thinking of changing your car then consider how you're going to pay for it. It's likely that you'll need some form of credit, but which is best?...

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Oliver Jones 5th February, 2017
Been asked to be a Guarantor? Here’s what you need to know.

If you've asked by someone to be their guarantor then there are a few things you need to be aware of BEFORE you sign the loan agreement....

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Oliver Jones 20th January, 2017


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