Better Borrowing

Better Borrowing
Why a bad credit rating could damage your personal relationships

So you've Tindered and found your perfect mate. But a few dates on and you realise they've got money troubles. Odds are it will damage your relationship soon....

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Amanda Gillam 20th November, 2017
Could a bad credit rating affect your employment?

Could your job application be rejected because of a bad credit rating? Could you lose your job because of credit issues? We take a look at the reality....

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Alex Hartley 3rd November, 2017
Compare all the UK’s Secured Loans & Lenders Instantly!

Use our new secured loan comparison tool to see the best loan deals. Rates currently start at 3.73% APR. Compare loans deals instantly. No-fee service....

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Amanda Gillam 2nd November, 2017
Why car sharing may be better than car ownership

Why do you feel the need to own your car? The economics just don't make sense. There are a number of ways to have access to a car without owning it. Save £s...

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Alex Hartley 1st November, 2017
Extra protection for those using Logbook Loans

Logbook loans are growing in popularity. But current laws do not protect borrowers or buyers of used cars enough. There are proposals to resolve this....

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Amanda Gillam 30th October, 2017
How to find a really good second hand used car

The quality of used second hand cars is better than ever due to new car finance schemes. But where should you look and what do need to be aware of?...

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Alex Hartley 25th October, 2017
Why has Provident Personal Credit “Imploded”?

Provident, who offer home credit, have seen their share price plummet recently. We explain why and what's go to happen next....

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Amanda Gillam 23rd October, 2017
How to buy a used car using car finance

Most news cars are bought using PCP deals. But did you know you can also use car finance for buying a second hand car? Are specialist brokers the best bet?...

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Amanda Gillam 18th October, 2017
How to protect yourself from being ripped off by car hire companies

Growing competition is driving down rental prices. At the same time there's growing dissatisfaction with car hire company behaviour. Unexpected charges, etc...

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Alex Hartley 11th October, 2017
All about the Citizen’s Advice Service and how it can help you

The Citizen's Advice Service has 3500 locations around the UK, is FREE and resolves two thirds of problems it deals with! It's a service for you, so use it!...

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Amanda Gillam 9th October, 2017
A summary of pawnbroking and how to use a pawnbroker

Pawnbroking may sound fashioned but it is very much alive and kicking on the UK high street. Here's an overview of how it works and some alternatives....

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Alex Hartley 13th September, 2017
The State of Payday Loans Two Years After Regulation

Costs and charges are significantly lower than in 2014, but do Payday Loans now represent a serious short term credit option?...

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Amanda Gillam 25th August, 2017


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