How to prepare yourself for Brexit Day

Brexit becomes a reality very soon - are you prepared? As the UK goes its own way some of our everyday household tasks could become more difficult or expensive....

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Amanda Gillam 4th March, 2019
Your personal finances and a “No Deal Brexit”

Brexit is just 2 months away. Leaving the EU with no deal amounts to jumping off a cliff and could have serious implication for your financial well-being....

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Alex Hartley 28th January, 2019
How to prepare for the next financial crisis

The world economy is slowing and there are a growing number of risks from Brexit to trade wars. Here's how to prepare for the next financial crisis....

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Alex Hartley 24th January, 2019
The Impact of Brexit on UK Expats

The worst case for UK expats in the EU is if the EU leaves the EU on the basis of "no deal". Even with a deal the future is less rosy than it is today....

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Amanda Gillam 31st December, 2018
Why the UK should remain in the EU

The key facts you need to help you decide on the UK's membership of the EU. Are things quite the way you imagined? Read the facts to help your decision....

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Amanda Gillam 6th December, 2018
Consumer credit growth slowest for 3 years – what’s this telling us?

The growth in consumer credit has slowed notably but what's driving it? Do the reasons predict some sort of significant problem ahead for the UK economy?...

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Amanda Gillam 20th September, 2018
Brexit Update – June 2018 – Any #Bregret ?

Is the UK waking up to the likely shape of Brexit? Is there a growing #bregret ? We edge ever further towards the EU exit. But will the supplies of gin last?...

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Amanda Gillam 22nd June, 2018
Brexit Update: At what stage are negotiations?

Brexit negotiations continue. How much has actually been agreed? What's known about how the UK's exit will affect your rights to live and work in the EU?...

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Alex Hartley 1st December, 2017
Signs that the UK economy is beginning to falter

With inflation eating into people's take-home pay and Brexit on the horizon consumer confidence seems to be ebbing away. Is the UK economy about to falter?...

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Alex Hartley 17th November, 2017
An update on the ongoing Brexit negotiations

Brexit negotiations continue with the UK government issuing a plethora of policy papers designed to move things forward and to grab control of the thinking....

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Alex Hartley 28th August, 2017
What’s the current thinking on the shape of Brexit?

The UK is now moving headlong towards Brexit. But what does this mean for trade arrangements with the EU? How will the economy and employment be affected?...

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Oliver Jones 2nd May, 2017
How will Brexit affect personal loans and other family finances?

The journey to Brexit has started. In 2 years time the UK will be on its own. What this all means for your personal finances is the centre of a big debate....

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Alex Hartley 12th April, 2017


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