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Oliver Jones has written for Solution Loans since 2015. His passion for personal finance comes through in the 150+ blog posts he's written since that time. His talent for explaining all things money means he's covered topics as diverse as registering to vote, credit unions and debt consolidation. If you've got a question you want answered then maybe Oliver is the person for the job. Just contact him through this website and your question could be the subject of his next blog post!

The January 31 tax deadline and what it means for you

If you miss the next tax deadline the HMRC will penalise you. Here's our guide to the rules and how to avoid being one of the 900,000 people who were fined....

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Oliver Jones 16th January, 2017
How to switch bank current accounts for a better deal

Over 3m people have switched their UK bank accounts. Why haven't you? It's easy. It's all done for you and only takes 7 days. Switch and start saving now....

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Oliver Jones 12th January, 2017
How to get your Council Tax reduced

Council tax is likely to be one of the largest household costs you face. But you could be overpaying! Here are our tips of getting your council tax reduced....

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Oliver Jones 8th January, 2017
The potential pitfalls of equity release

If you are a) near or in retirement & b) own your home, then it is tempting to supplement your pension by using equity release. But is this sensible?...

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Oliver Jones 4th January, 2017
What will happen to interest rates in 2017

Interest rates are historically low. Will they remain low in 2017 and if so what does this mean for savers and borrowers? What could it mean for you?...

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Oliver Jones 2nd January, 2017
Are you in a JAM? Are you just about managing?

If you are one of Theresa May's JAM families then you'll know that you have little room for financial manoeuvring. Here are some ideas to help save money....

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Oliver Jones 25th December, 2016
The pros and cons of using PayPal

PayPal is the goliath of internet online payment services. Its ease of use has allowed it to grow rapidly But there are disavantages to its services too....

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Oliver Jones 23rd December, 2016
What sort of Personal Loan would work for you?

Personal loans come in all sorts of flavours - sizes, loan periods, credit ratings. Here are some of things you need to consider. Apply today....

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Oliver Jones 7th December, 2016
Top 5 things to help cut your home contents insurance premium

Protecting your possessions as well as your house is highly recommended but insurance doesn't come cheap. Our top tips to help keep the premium affordable....

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Oliver Jones 5th December, 2016
Impact of a weakening pound on your finances

Since the vote to Brexit the pound has weakened 15%. What does that mean for Britons in their day-to-day lives? Are we better or worse off?...

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Oliver Jones 3rd December, 2016
The spending pattern of the average Briton may startle you

Here's how the average UK household income of £27,600 is spent, how much is saved, and how people fund their pensions ready for retirement....

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Oliver Jones 1st December, 2016
Why you shouldn’t use auto renewal for your annual services

Avoid using an auto renewal for your regular services like annual subscriptions and insurance premiums. They can be risky and costly as we discover....

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Oliver Jones 29th November, 2016


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