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Oliver Jones has written for Solution Loans since 2015. His passion for personal finance comes through in the 150+ blog posts he's written since that time. His talent for explaining all things money means he's covered topics as diverse as registering to vote, credit unions and debt consolidation. If you've got a question you want answered then maybe Oliver is the person for the job. Just contact him through this website and your question could be the subject of his next blog post!

How to get an income as a stay-at-home parent

Even if you are based at home looking after the family it's really important to have your own income. Here's how to stay financially independent....

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Oliver Jones 6th March, 2017
What’s going to happen to the UK jobs market in 2017?

UK employment has been bouyant. But forecasts suggest Brexit, rising inflation, rising interest rates and consumer debt could weaken the UK jobs market....

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Oliver Jones 2nd March, 2017
Why are Credit Unions in decline?

Held up as the solution to low cost short term credit credit unions are in fact in decline. But how can this be given their strong community standing?...

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Oliver Jones 28th February, 2017
Is the Rise of Consumer Borrowing storing up problems for the future?

Consumer borrowing continues to rise while interest rates remain low. But could you manage your debt repayments if interest rates started to rise?...

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Oliver Jones 24th February, 2017
Free Debt Advice: Where to get it if you need it now

If you are struggling unpaid bills & other debts then it's time to get free debt advice. There's plenty available and you should use it as soon as possible....

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Oliver Jones 22nd February, 2017
Why are debt consolidation loans so popular?

Consolidating your credit cards, loans and other debt into a single new loan can be an effective way to reduce your monthly payments and total interest paid...

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Oliver Jones 14th February, 2017
A practical guide to applying for bankruptcy

If you have growing debts and little chance of settling them then applying for bankruptcy may help. We look at the pros, cons and alternatives to bankruptcy...

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Oliver Jones 10th February, 2017
The best way to buy and finance a car in 2017

If you are thinking of changing your car then consider how you're going to pay for it. It's likely that you'll need some form of credit, but which is best?...

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Oliver Jones 5th February, 2017
Excessive bank overdraft charges in the firing line

If you've ever gone overdrawn you'll know how it feels to get stung by the banks. Overdraft charges seem excessive even if you're overdrawn by accident....

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Oliver Jones 3rd February, 2017
Update: The journey to Brexit

By March 31st the Government aims to trigger Article 50 to enable negotiations with the EU to start. Here's an update on recent Brexit developments....

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Oliver Jones 1st February, 2017
UK Housing Market Forecast for 2017

The journey towards Brexit is beginning to weigh on the UK housing market with prices rises forecast to slow considerably this year....

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Oliver Jones 24th January, 2017
Been asked to be a Guarantor? Here’s what you need to know.

If you've asked by someone to be their guarantor then there are a few things you need to be aware of BEFORE you sign the loan agreement....

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Oliver Jones 20th January, 2017


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