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Oliver Jones has written for Solution Loans since 2015. His passion for personal finance comes through in the 150+ blog posts he's written since that time. His talent for explaining all things money means he's covered topics as diverse as registering to vote, credit unions and debt consolidation. If you've got a question you want answered then maybe Oliver is the person for the job. Just contact him through this website and your question could be the subject of his next blog post!

12 million Britons have a poor credit rating!

It's a trend that's worrying many observers and is reminiscent of the prelude to the 2008/9 financial crisis. Read on, and take care....

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Oliver Jones 30th April, 2017
Rules of Council House Right to Buy

Large discounts exist to encourage you to buy your council or housing association property. Here are the new rules and and idea of the financial benefits....

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Oliver Jones 24th April, 2017
How do people cope with no bank account?

Not having a bank account means living a cash-based lifestyle. This may be a conscious choice or may have been imposed. What are the real problems and costs?...

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Oliver Jones 22nd April, 2017
The Bank of Mum & Dad – the UK’s 10th largest mortgage company!

The bank of mum and dad lent £5bn to their children last year so they could get on the housing ladder. But this is unlikely to be sustainable....

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Oliver Jones 16th April, 2017
The financial help available for a business startup

You've got a great business idea. And you want to venture out on your own. But how to you pay to get the business started? Here's our guide to help you....

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Oliver Jones 14th April, 2017
How to protect your savings from inflation

Inflation eats away at your income and your savings. If prices grow faster than either you'll be worse off. But what can you do to protect yourself?...

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Oliver Jones 4th April, 2017
A guide to Secured Loans and how they work

On the back of growing house prices people are using secured homeowner loans to access the value in their property. Here are the pros and cons of doing it....

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Oliver Jones 31st March, 2017
Crunch – Are Car Loans the next subprime crisis?

An explosion of credit for new cars threatens to repeat the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008. Is borrowing on bad credit for a depreciating asset sensible?...

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Oliver Jones 27th March, 2017
Where to save your money with interest rates so low

The tax advantage of a cash Isa is meaningless with interest rates are so low. In fact you could earn much more by not keeping your cash in an Isa!...

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Oliver Jones 23rd March, 2017
How are business rates changing and will it affect you?

Business rates are rising 1 April for the first time in seven years and if you work in the south east of the UK the rises could be significant....

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Oliver Jones 19th March, 2017
Squirrel away your acorns to save £60,000 before you’re 40

If you budget wisely you can spend less than you earn. You should save the rest and benefit from the interest to start growing your wealth. Here's how....

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Oliver Jones 15th March, 2017
The dangers of buying a leasehold house

There's a trend towards house builders selling new homes on a leasehold basis. But take care! Some are being unscrupulous as this real life story shows....

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Oliver Jones 11th March, 2017


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