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Oliver Jones has written for Solution Loans since 2015. His passion for personal finance comes through in the 150+ blog posts he's written since that time. His talent for explaining all things money means he's covered topics as diverse as registering to vote, credit unions and debt consolidation. If you've got a question you want answered then maybe Oliver is the person for the job. Just contact him through this website and your question could be the subject of his next blog post!

How to have a healthy family diet on a budget

The truth is that the more convenient your food the more costly your meal will be. To save money and eat more nutritiously you need to cook creatively. And it n...

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Oliver Jones 17th November, 2015
Tips to help you manage your finances

The run up to Christmas always means your household budget is stretched. Here are our top tips to help you stay in control....

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Oliver Jones 9th November, 2015
Celebrate Halloween without breaking the Bank

Here's how to have a fun Halloween this year without breaking the bank. It doesn't have to cost the earth to involve your kids in the celebrations....

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Oliver Jones 31st October, 2015
8 Tips for Buy-to-Let Landlords

Buy to let is not an automatic route to wealth. There are plenty of rules to stick to and if you get your sums wrong you could get into trouble. Here's how to m...

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Oliver Jones 21st October, 2015
Make food shopping go further

Food is a large part of peoples' budgets. But there are plenty of ways to reduce the cost while still eating enjoyably and perhaps more healthily too!...

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Oliver Jones 15th October, 2015
How to save money in winter

With Christmas just around the corner use these tips to help you save money now to pay for it! The sooner you start the sooner you'll have the money you need....

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Oliver Jones 8th October, 2015
Making your monthly budget work in winter

Winter 2015 is just around the corner. There may be sun now, but soon the heating will go on and your costs will rise. What can you do to save money?...

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Oliver Jones 1st October, 2015
Travel tips for winter sun

With a typical British winter approaching your thoughts may have turned to escape. We cover the best winter sun destination options that won't break the bank....

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Oliver Jones 25th September, 2015
See our infographic for our range of loans

This infographic covers the main personal finance and credit options available to people aged 18 in the UK. Use our free broking service to apply for any of the...

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Oliver Jones 16th September, 2015


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