The pros and cons of using PayPal

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  1. I recently started selling a few bits after a five year break. After I sold an item but they held the funds until I added tracking info but they changed it to must confirm delivery 1st. After items confirmed by buyer PayPal says I can’t have funds as there’s s issue with the postcode I wrote down but the buyer confirmed six hours previously.
    I notice they take total control over refunds too & move money around but don’t leave any trace or record of the transaction, how is this legal?? They took funds for a refund now its gone without trace&their trying to access my business account for money they have already taken. Please help

  2. I played Money Tree and I’m still waiting on my money to hit my card after I cashed out 225. I’ve waited 14 days and still see nothing on my card.

  3. I’m gonna stop using PayPal because they have banned my account as they claim there is a fradulent activity and risky behavior. All I was doing was transferring my money off this account on to my cash app account to fix up my house. Now $37,469.66 is locked. I can’t even use my money but I’m pressing charges on paypal because there saying there’s fradulent activity and my account is high risk which this is my first time having that amount of money in my account then I went through the bbb and the FTC because I Will get to the bottom of the problem.

  4. I cancelled PayPal because they refused to stop a monthly transaction. I also had trouble with the seller who kept pressing for payment when it was not authorised. This was an automatic deduction to a dating site and it was impossible to stop both. When I asked my bank to stop any transaction between them I ended up with a new account number and card – so be warned, there are a lot of fraudulent activities on PayPal too.

    • PayPal won’t stop unauthorized payments. And claims transactions have been approved by you even if you didn’t order them. If your account has been hacked. I found a transaction had taken place in the last few day from an email. And they won’t believe that I didn’t make the purchase. I now use a 2-factor Authenticator. So any transaction goes to my phone.

      • Jill it’s simple and efficient all you do is give them your phone number and before any kind of transaction even if it’s a dollar you have to approve it through your phone.

      • What is a two way authenticator and how does it work? If they say a transaction has taken place and you say it hasn’t, how can you prove that? Jill


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