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  1. My PayPal account is frozen and it’s been 7-8 months now. I still don’t have access to my money in my account. They will also close your account without warning. That’s how I was receiving my child support and unemployment. They said suspicious activity. I will never use this company or recommend this company to anyone whatsoever. I’m still waiting on my money.

  2. If you love your money and peace of mind, run! RUN! RUN! away from PayPal! This company can ruin your business! They can freeze your account, hold your money, request personal documents and still won’t allow you have access to your money. While they hold your money they won’t let you issue refunds, or withdraw to your bank. So if anyone sends you money and your account is limited, that money too will be locked up. If you think getting a lawyer would make it easier, good luck.

    Alternatives? Try Cashapp if you live in the USA or Apple pay. But stay away from PayPal.

  3. Thank God my account creation process was not completed. See what I’d have faced. I just don’t know how the app is the best and most used money apps with all these problems. I know the solution to these!

  4. HI! I wanted to ask some questions about PayPal. I want to create an account there and want to be sure that there will be no problem if I add my card. I don’t think that i will receive huge amount of money as I am just a student so would you please tell me if I should do this. And one more question: if paypal is not safe and secure, what is the other way if I want to receive money internationally. I do not live in US and still have to have an account for transactions. Thanks in advance

    • I’ve been a Paypal user since 2008. I’ve not any problems with them. I’ve received money from sales, as well as sent money to friends. I’ve received money a few times from friends, for items I’ve picked up for them. I’ve received, as well as sent money to individuals for holding items. I’ve never had a problem. They’ve even reimbursed me for a BAD transaction once. I’d only suggest opening a separate bank account just for the sole purpose of connecting it to Paypal. Opening up a separate account, you’ll be able to move money around from one account to another.

  5. Do not use this service, it’s horrible. They will continually freeze your account and then request the information in their system from you, only to still leave locked. While you can not control your funds, they will continue to allow you to receive money and charge you fees while holding YOUR money! When you call they will place you on 45min holds to tell you Oh well, wait it out. Their card reader has low battery life and I’d you allow someone to manually enter their card it will lock your account. They not only have my UBI, EIN, social media links, website link, pictures of items, detailed invoices but also comments from happy clients with notes of what they bought. I have given them every detail of my business and explained why it’s critical to my success that my account not be locked for ridiculous reasons and yet I just got 2 of my largest shipments canceled due to the current hold on my account. This is the 3rd time in less than 90days. Your business will suffer for sure if you use them. Get a bank account. I just found out banks offer card readers as well. They do not want you to make it big, these types of inconveniences will keep a small business small!

  6. Horrible experience. Same issue recently as with Bev’s comments below… ” notice they take total control over refunds too & move money around but don’t leave any trace or record of the transaction, how is this legal?? They took funds for a refund now its gone without trace…”. In order to get MY money, I had to file disputes with my bank for 2 of the transactions, and with my credit card for a 3rd transaction. If you are having trouble, consider going to your payment source who may do a better job of protecting you. Paypal has held onto big money of mine in the past years as well. What a shame.

  7. to tell you honestly.. it s been 21 weeks now or more.. still no luck… the money is stuck…. they dont want to link my own bank.. and one time it was lnked… and that is when 21 weeks counted,,, until now its counting.. so use the money for online shopping.. could not withdraw it.

  8. I recently started selling a few bits after a five year break. After I sold an item but they held the funds until I added tracking info but they changed it to must confirm delivery 1st. After items confirmed by buyer PayPal says I can’t have funds as there’s s issue with the postcode I wrote down but the buyer confirmed six hours previously.
    I notice they take total control over refunds too & move money around but don’t leave any trace or record of the transaction, how is this legal?? They took funds for a refund now its gone without trace&their trying to access my business account for money they have already taken. Please help

  9. I played Money Tree and I’m still waiting on my money to hit my card after I cashed out 225. I’ve waited 14 days and still see nothing on my card.


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