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small business

The outlook for small businesses in 2017 – 2018

Uncertainty is probably one of the most difficult things...

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rent to own washing machine

Amigo Store joins Solution Loans | FCA to investigate Rent-to-Own sector

The FCA, who regulates amongst other things consumer credit...

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rent to own washing machine

Is High Street Rent-to-Own a sensible financial choice?

Updated: 28 November 2016 You know the stomach churning...

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money management

Britain’s Bad Spending Habits Revealed

At Solution Loans, we wanted to find out which...

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money comparison websites

The problem with money comparison websites

They claim to save you money and are relied...

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guarantor loans to £15000

How Guarantor Loans have changed and why you could consider one

You’ve probably heard lots about Guarantor Loans in the...

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instagram influencers

Which influencers on Instagram should you follow?

Instagram is a social media platform where users post...

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quick loans

Quick safe ways to borrow over the short term

If you need a safe way to get a...

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payday loan industry

How the payday loan industry cleaned up its act

The recent headline in the payday loan industry has...

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mobile phone revolution

Do you realise the speed of the mobile phone revolution?

How long do you think it is since the...

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