The Very Real World of Virtual Currency

It's easy to think of in-game spending as inconsequential. But virtual currencies do, of course, leak into the real world. Spending runs at many £billions!...

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Amanda Gillam 7th October, 2018
What can you do now that Wonga has gone bust?

Wonga has been driven into administration. If you're an existing borrower you still have to pay your debt, but what about if you need a new short term loan?...

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Amanda Gillam 13th September, 2018
Join our SEO Partnership Programme – SEO Professionals

If you want an uncapped revenue stream from using your SEO skills then you need to join our SEO Partnership Programme. We look forward to hearing from you....

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Amanda Gillam 17th August, 2018
How will consumers benefit from the cap on rent-to-own lenders?

New regulations are set to cap "rent to own" retailers' rates of interest on household goods such as washing machines. But how much will be saved and when?...

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Alex Hartley 16th August, 2018
Life inside China’s “Social Credit System” – is Big Brother really watching you?

Imagine a world where you are constantly monitored and rated. Welcome to China's proposed "social credit system" where you can be rewarded for good behaviour...

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Amanda Gillam 2nd July, 2018
Brexit Update – June 2018 – Any #Bregret ?

Is the UK waking up to the likely shape of Brexit? Is there a growing #bregret ? We edge ever further towards the EU exit. But will the supplies of gin last?...

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Amanda Gillam 22nd June, 2018
Tax Scandals Decoded – Protect Yourself from Fines and Worse!

Are your tax arrangements putting you at risk of a fine or prison? Do you know the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance? Find out everything you nee...

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Amanda Gillam 18th May, 2018
Update on the FCA’s review of motor car finance deals

Car finance has doubled to 2.3 million users over the past decade. The FCA started a review of the market in 2017 to see if there were any issues to be addresse...

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Amanda Gillam 27th April, 2018
Looming changes to privacy legislation – how so-called GDPR will affect you

The largest changes to your data protection for 20 years are about to take place. So-called GDPR is designed to ensure that your data is only stored and used in...

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Alex Hartley 25th April, 2018
How to close the gender pay gap if you discover discrimination

From 4 April 2018 all business that employ at least 250 people have had to provide Government with pay data. The data is designed to disclose the degree of pay ...

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Alex Hartley 6th April, 2018
What type of cars should we buy, now and over the next decade?

Our love affair with petrol and diesel vehicles is about to change, whether we like it or not. Concerns about CO2 and NO2 emissions, and their effect on the pla...

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Amanda Gillam 4th April, 2018
The Rich, the Super-Rich and the Rest of Us

It's dangerous to compare what one has with what others have. However, as we can't be in the super-elite perhaps we can do it just for fun. How long would Bill ...

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Amanda Gillam 19th March, 2018


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