PPI August 29th deadline is approaching – Apply Urgently

£35bn of PPI compensation has already been paid out. But a final deadline for claims is August 29th 2019. If you haven't claimed then this is how you do it....

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Amanda Gillam 14th August, 2019
You could be in for a refund £300 thanks to Mastercard!

A recent court ruling means Mastercard could become liable to repay everyone up to £300 even if they have never used a Mastercard credit card! Here's why....

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Amanda Gillam 20th June, 2019
How the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) can and can’t protect you

For many forms of saving you are protected up to £85,000 thanks to the FSCS and EU law. But there are exceptions to this protection you need to be aware of....

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Amanda Gillam 23rd May, 2019
What compensation can you get for poor broadband service?

Now we've all become dependent on our broadband service it's important to know how to get compensation when service is poor. Read on....

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Amanda Gillam 9th May, 2019
Getting compensation following recent Bank IT problems

Have you been locked out of your bank account by IT issues? Then you may be due some compensation. Here's how to go about getting what you deserve....

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Amanda Gillam 29th November, 2018
Payday loans, mis-sold credit and getting compensation

Payday lenders are faced with a rapidly increasing number of compensation claims. Customers who feel they were mis-sold are taking on their lenders. Could you?...

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Alex Hartley 26th November, 2018
You could be due £000s of refunds. Have you claimed yet?

Boost your savings and pay off debts by claiming money that is rightfully yours. Here are some of the refunds that could be due to you....

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Alex Hartley 11th October, 2018
When and how to use the Small Claims Court

Disagreements occur all the time between parties. So the key is to find the way to resolve them. Sometimes you may feel that you need "to go legal". And there i...

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Alex Hartley 9th March, 2018
Your consumer rights if your airline lets you down

The skies are filling up. Airports are busier than ever. And the complexity of the airline industry means it pays to know your rights to compensation....

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Alex Hartley 29th November, 2017
How to check for mis-sold PPI and your compensation

The mis-sold PPI scandal continues. You don't need to use an expensive claims company to get your compensation. Here's what you need to know....

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Oliver Jones 25th October, 2016


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