The Rise of UK Credit Deserts

Is your area becoming a credit desert? The UK has 29 places where people who need credit simply can't get it at affordable rates....

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Alex Hartley 23rd March, 2020
The Risk of Trying to Get Credit Through Social Media Ads or Chats

Who do you turn to to help you find a loan? Would you trust the recommendation of someone you've only ever met on social media? You need to be more careful!...

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Alex Hartley 17th June, 2019
Are you taking on debt you can’t really afford?

Personal debt has been rising at 10% per year for some time. We're now back to pre-2008 crash levels. So the question is is this sustainable? Can people afford ...

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Amanda Gillam 26th February, 2018
What the recent FCA Financial Lives survey tells us about the UK population

Young people are financially disadvantaged. Many people are one step from financial disaster. UK's population is beginning to stretch its finances too far....

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Alex Hartley 13th November, 2017
Free Debt Advice: Where to get it if you need it now

If you are struggling unpaid bills & other debts then it's time to get free debt advice. There's plenty available and you should use it as soon as possible....

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Oliver Jones 22nd February, 2017
What will happen to interest rates in 2017

Interest rates are historically low. Will they remain low in 2017 and if so what does this mean for savers and borrowers? What could it mean for you?...

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Oliver Jones 2nd January, 2017
P2P finance – tips for savers and borrowers

P2P finance or peer to peer saving and lending will give you better rates than the banks can. Here are our tips to make your P2P experience a good one....

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Oliver Jones 23rd September, 2016
A Young Person’s Guide to Borrowing Money

As a young person you need to become more savvy about finance and how to get and manage credit. It's really important to stay in control of it....

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Alex Hartley 29th July, 2016


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