household budget

household budget
Real Life – How to balance your household budgets when living on benefits

The UK's benefits system has seen a radical overhaul. Austerity means lower payments in real terms. So, how do you budget & survive on a benefits income?...

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Alex Hartley 12th July, 2018
A plan to switch from being a two to a one person income household

You or your partner may decide to stop working. So how can you bridge the income gap and make sure you keep your spending within reasonable limits?...

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Amanda Gillam 18th December, 2017
This year’s Christmas spending is set to hit over £800 per family!

Britons spend 50% more on Christmas than other Europeans. 1 in 4 of us get into debt at Christmas. What can we do to get back in control of our spending?...

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Amanda Gillam 8th December, 2017
How Meat Free Monday could save your finances – and your health

Meat - very tasty, but damaging to your budget and the planet. Here's how to enjoy a meat-free Monday (and other days of the week) and why it makes sense....

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Alex Hartley 10th July, 2017
What the ONS Family Spending Survey Reveals

The 2016 review by the Office for National Statistics of family expenditure is revealing. Is your family typical? Do you spend money in the same way?...

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Alex Hartley 2nd April, 2017
How to budget and live within your means

For most people money is always tight. Yet only 3 in 10 people track their income and expenditure. So most people should improve their budget skills....

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Alex Hartley 25th July, 2016


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