Instagram is a social media platform where users post and share images. It currently has more than 500 million monthly active users – and numbers continue to grow. Since its inception, Instagram has become much more than just a photo sharing site. Now, it’s a business opportunity, a source of fashion inspiration, experience sharing and life inspo. Whether you’re looking to follow influencers (i.e. those with the most social presence) or just interesting accounts, here are our suggestions for some Instagram pages to connect with.

instagram influencers

For students

The Frugality (thefrugality). Alex Stedman is a blogger turned Instagram influencer very popular with those on a budget. Fashion and beauty focused, her profile is the perfect place for bargains. So, if you want to live that jet set lifestyle on a bus pass budget, this is an influencer to follow.

Thrifty Lesley (thriftylesley). Not yet an influencer but nevertheless an interesting Instagram account to follow. Based around the concept of feeding yourself for £1 a day, Thrifty Lesley has some great ideas for those who want to eat well but spend less. Lesley offers meal plans and photo inspiration and understands the need for comfort food and cake.

Girl Eat World (girleatworld). If you’re interested in travels and treats that don’t cost the earth then Girl Eat World is a great Instagram account to follow. Each destination is accompanied by a (cheap) local treat. Foodie inspiration, combined with travel ideas provides the perfect account for hungry, travel loving students on a budget.

Kash Bhattacharya (budgettraveller). Kash is the UK travel blogger of the year and the best person to follow to travel in style – on a budget. His inspirational images capture cool spots all over the world. He’s particularly good at posting photos of luxury hostels where you can stay in style for a fraction of the hotel cost.

For Parents

Fritha Strickland (tigerlillyquinn). It’s tough being a parent and sometimes Instagram, with its perfect images and lack of real life drama, can just add pressure. Fritha is one of the new generation of influencers looking to chronicle all the ‘real life’ moments that make family life. You have to take it all with a pinch of salt as there are no screaming children or messy rooms. However, the lifestyle images are inspiring – and achievable.

Jeff Bogle (owtk). Instagram is a great way for demonstrating just how ordinary and extraordinary life can be at the same time. Influencers like Jeff Bogle show the life of a modern man in many contexts, from fatherhood to photography. A refreshingly honest Instagram account that many fathers (and parents) will relate to.

Ricky Willis (skintdad). Difficulty managing a household budget is something that most parents can relate to. Ricky Willis has dedicated his blog and Instagram to helping parents cut costs and improve finances. Inspirational quotes and good ideas provide daily money saving solutions.

Ytravelblog (ytravelblog). For families looking to travel with kids, this Instagram is a must follow. Not only does it give you the confidence and inspiration to see that it can be done but there are some great ideas here too. The account is full of fantastic images and videos, from beach sunsets, to the family smiling down from rocky peaks.

For Silver Surfers

Iris Apfel (iris.apfel). For those over pensionable age, Iris Apfel is a huge inspiration. Whether you’re looking for fashion tips, lifestyle changes, or just the inspiration to go out and make it happen whatever your age, Iris is a great influencer to follow.

Dorrie Jacobson (seniorstylebible). Dorrie Jacobson is 81, she’s a retired Playboy Bunny and she lives in Las Vegas. She has made a name for herself as a fashion blogger and is living proof that style doesn’t end with a pension. Dorrie provides fashion tips and beauty advice geared towards older women but applicable to everyone. From the best eyeliners, to closet edits, her advice could change your life.

Baddie Winkle (baddiewinkle). ‘Stealing your man since 1928’ is Baddie Winkle’s catchphrase but this fun Instagran is really more about cheeky inspiration than scandal. Colourful images that are full of energy and life show that you can be outrageous at any age. If you like a rainbow stripe outfit then you’ll also find plenty of style tips too.

I Love Mr Mittens (ilovemrmittens). For champion knitters (or just those with a mild interest), Instagram is a great place to be. Find accounts like I Love Mr Mittens for inspiration, ideas and supply networks. If you don’t like knitting there are plenty of other similar accounts to discover, from yoga, to crafting and baking.

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