energy bills

energy bills
What To Do About Soaring Energy Bills

Energy prices are soaring and they are unlikely ever to fall. We've written a lot about reducing energy consumption. Here's a summary for you....

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Amanda Gillam 8th October, 2021
Are you paying too much for your home energy?

The average UK energy bill is over £1100 per year - 5% of average net income. It pays to spend a bit of time to keep your costs low. Here's now to do it....

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Alex Hartley 29th April, 2019
Tips to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency

On average we spend £1200 per year on energy. Much of it is wasted. Here's what you need to do to cut your bills and make your utility costs affordable....

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Amanda Gillam 7th February, 2019
Switch away from the “Big 6” energy companies to save money

To save £00s you need to switch away from the UK's "Big 6" energy suppliers. Small companies are just as good if not better. Here's what to do to get savings....

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Alex Hartley 20th June, 2018
How will the proposed energy price cap work?

The proposed price cap is designed to benefit people who have never switched suppliers. But the cap could actually damage the market for those who do switch....

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Alex Hartley 22nd November, 2017
Central Heating is going on – our tips for home energy efficiency

Chilly evenings are driving us to turn on our central heating and with it's use come the bills. Reduce these bills by using our top tips to find savings....

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Amanda Gillam 4th October, 2017
How is the move to smart energy meters going to help you?

The UK is gradually switching over to smart energy meters. If you haven't switched yet then here's our view on what's happening and how you might benefit....

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Alex Hartley 27th September, 2017
How to get help with your winter fuel costs

Winter drives fuel usage up but with these allowances and credits you can begin to control your winter fuel costs a little better....

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Oliver Jones 27th November, 2016
Energy saving light bulbs and your wallet

Incandescent light bulbs are dead. Long live energy saving light bulbs. How much could you save and how do you make sure they are as bright as older bulbs?...

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Oliver Jones 2nd November, 2016
How to minimise your energy bills

The average UK household energy bill is £1250! Here's how to save more than 15% of your bill with a few simple steps....

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Oliver Jones 14th January, 2016


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